The Plunge

Hello and welcome to Roemer’s Workshop!

This blog will track my progress in the miniature hobby, be it real-life scale models of air and land vehicles or sci-fi and fantasy wargaming figures. I intend to post on a weekly basis to give myself a kind of flow, to push me to be more involved in the hobby and in the meantime, learn a bit about blogging and modeling techniques in general.

A little about myself… I have been in the hobby since grade school, when I had my lifetime goal of becoming a military jet pilot some day (spoilers: I didn’t). Thus most of the models I got from my parents were of jet fighters of different eras. Of course the models I built had very little resemblance to the box picture, since I pretty much wanted a plane with some kind of camo on it to play around and show off.

Imagine this beauty in the garish “camo” of bright yellows, blues and greens. Yeah, that’s what I call tri-color camo!

Later in high school I found out about miniature wargaming and eventually the inspiration for almost all the fancy fantasy and sci-fi games, the Warhammer universe. And boy, was that a treat! My starter set was the Battleforce: Space Orks and I was really excited to both paint the minis and play the game on tabletop. I painted a few ork boyz with the base colors and was happy with them. When I had to travel for higher education however, I shelved the box and the long hiatus began.

Today, I have settled in a proper house with my wife where I work on a Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army. I pretty much distanced myself from the wargaming aspect of the models and focus on creating good-looking miniatures (above tabletop quality, if you will). The aim is to strive for the best paint job ever, when I pick up a new model. This hobby is a lot more fun with the community involved, so please do comment on stuff you like/dislike with a touch of constructive criticism.

That said, let the painting begin!

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