The Warmaster

Yesterday Forgeworld announced the new model in their Horus Heresy character series which I have followed for some time. So far the series contained the major antagonist primarch models of the Horus Heresy era in addition to other notable characters such as Khârn the Betrayer, Typhon and Abaddon. Forgeworld is well-known for their finely detailed resin models, and this new addition to the series is no exception:


Horus, Warmaster to the Armies of Mankind

Considering my current Black Legion themed Chaos Space Marine army, this news pretty much made my day. Sculpted by Simon Egan (who is the go-to person for gritty realistic soldiers like Krieg units and Chaos titans) the model looks like it will be the most detailed primarch to date when released. And that lands the model in the number 1 spot for my wish list!

The series also includes characters from the Loyalist side. This begs the question if the company will release a model for Sanguinus of the Blood Angels and the God-Emperor as well… I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps a diorama of the final confrontation aboard the Vengeful Spirit?

One can only hope.

One can only hope.

How do you like the Horus model?


  1. Yeah, he certainly looks fantastic! Egan never fails to impress. His primarch models are now the primary GW/FW models I anticipate and care about. I never thought I would see the day when they were making models for them, and ones that live up to the legend.


      1. I guess Edgar Skomorowski is working on some of the Primarchs too, having made Lorgar. And while not quite as good as the others, I still think it is a great model, and that Skomorowski is one of the best suited sculptors they have for the Primarchs. I too an really excited to see Sanguinius. It might be hard to make him look suitably grim and dark with those wings, ha ha.


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