The Green Tide

Here’s a short look at the old ork models I got from the very first Battleforce kit I mentioned earlier. I painted this model a couple of months ago when I got back to the hobby. Find out some more pictures and my approach to the skin after the jump.

When I started painting orks, I wanted to give them a less cartoon-like look with a dark palette. So I was planning to break the vibrant greens with some brown and black leather on clothes along with aged and chipped weapons.

This model was my first attempt at thoroughly blending layers with different hues of greens. Although I did not use anything fancy like wet-blending or two-brush-blending, I made 5 different shades of green which I slapped on the base coat with a bit of caution. The result was satisfactory enough: I can still make out the individual colors when I look at the ork and the transitions are not too stark. For the various metal areas it’s a simple application of Leadbelcher and a wash of Agrax Earthshade, followed by a very light dry brush of Necron Compound on the raised edges. Works like a charm for areas like spikes with large angled surfaces. I certainly miss them on my Chaos Space Marines!

Of course, this is just the beginning of a larger army. I still have a bunch of Shoota Boyz that need attention, but the marines got priority for now.

They'll be a nice distraction when (if) I get fed up with the CSM.

They’ll be a nice distraction when (if) I get fed up with the CSM.



  1. Nicely done. I generally just cheat and do all the orks with a wash method. I get a bit intimidated by the fact there is just so many boyz….Especially like this model, since he can’t decide on CC weapons. Two axes and a sword..that is my kind of ork!


    1. Thanks! I have to admit, if I were prepping an army I would have defitely cut some corners. But since I treat each piece individually (they’re not cheap you know) I wanted to take my time. I can see it grow old after the 10th mini for sure…


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