The Possessed

In my last post I mentioned that the main difficulty with the more demonic Chaos Space Marine models is determining where armor and weapons fuse with flesh. When it comes to the possessed, aside from a few select minis this distinction is clear. Here you can see my first possessed model bearing the colors of the Black Legion. Find out more shots and my approach after the jump.


When I first searched for inspiration on the web for what kind of colors I could use I saw that a majority of WH40k gamers practically hate the models, both for the unappealing looks and utter uselessness on the battlefield (though I think this might have changed in the last edition, not really my strong point). The minis displayed on the GW sale page really intrigued me and I practically fell in love with the guy with the multiple eyes and tentacles. Most interesting of the five I thought was the unit with the fleshier parts. So much mutation going on!


Middle row, to the left. I call him Mr. Toothy.

I knew at that moment that this was the scheme I should apply to the fleshy units. Little did I know that my first attempt at imitating the fleshy pink would end in disaster.



After several frustrating tries (where I messed the eyes so many times I lost patience) I finally settled with a pinkish skin color that was enhanced with a lot of red glazes. I applied the golds and silvers on the metal parts and fused the flesh with the spikes through some dark washes. Here’s the result with multiple angles (coming together as an 8-pointed chaos star nonetheless!):

Once again I did the highlights in a high contrast method which I want to replace with blended colors. At a distance the changes in color are not too stark but up close each different color is quite visible. We’ll see what happens with the next models, especially the units with the bat wings. Speaking of which, below is the squad before priming:

"Join us!"

“Join us!”

Are there any other fans of mutated CSM models? Share your opinions in the comments below! Also, please share with me your approach to these demented figures.



  1. The color scheme really pops on those bases. Your entire unit fleshed out is going to look amazing on the tabletop. I don’t know too much about CSM (rules wise), but do the new crimson slaughter rules make these guys more viable?


    1. Well, I don’t really go hand in hand with the rulebook for the tabletop game (I’m in this for the hobby, first and foremost) so I’d be a poor source of information. I did hear however that you can use them as troops instead of elites in the army… not sure if this helps!


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