The New Project

A fellow hobbyist told me that there will be a miniature competition coming up for the last week of May this year in Istanbul. It will be primarily focused on fine scale models of military and civilian vehicles, ships and aircraft, as well as some small-scale figures. They are however also opening up a booth for fantasy and sci-fi enthusiasts like me. While I don’t really see myself as a competition painter, I thought this will be a good chance to meet some new people to spread the word about my blog, convert some hobbyists toward the Warhammer franchise and to just have some fun. Take a look at what I’m planning as an entry after the jump.

Let the galaxy burn!

Let the galaxy burn!

That’s right, I’m planning to get a Black Legion themed Heldrake (without heavily converting it) into the competition. As mentioned, I’m not aiming to break painting and modelling records with the model, I just think it will be a refresher from the usual entries that show up every time. So I took out the box I was saving for a future painting adventure and went to work. I guess this post may also serve as a tiny review of the kit itself, I haven’t seen a lot of blog posts that address what I’m talking about. Needless to say, I’ll chronicle each step of this adventure with WIP pics and posts. Hell, I may even go for a tutorial on how I painted my Heldrake.

Out of the box you get two sprues of plastic, a large oval base and the classic, ugly but sturdy clear plastic flyer stand, along with instructions. I do have a lot of interest in anything Chaos-themed, that’s for sure, but this kit in particular shows how much the sculpts improved from the past models GW issued. Just take a look at some older vehicles from the Ork armies (might need some Google-Fu) and you’ll see what I mean. While it’s not really resin-level detail, the trend certainly seems to be positive. The photos really don’t do the pieces any justice. From what I skimmed through the instructions are easy to follow and necessary to make sure the assembly goes smoothly.

5-6 pages of instructions. Not too complex.

5-6 pages of instructions. Not too complex.

At first I thought I’d go with a mix of airbrush for larger surfaces and then do the detailing with the regular brushes. I am however leaning rather towards finishing everything without the airbrush, it’s still beyond my comfort zone to be honest.

I have a few ideas about how I want to prepare the base, but they’re just preliminary thoughts. I’m thinking of a lava themed base, fitting a hellish landscape for this demon engine. Another idea is to use some other vehicle that the drake lifts off the ground, which would anchor the model without the ugly stand. Of course that means I should get some convincing enemy vehicle. Another idea is to create a valley the model traverses out of gradual application of cork and using some rocks I picked up here and there, filled out with modelling sand. That may also cover the flyer stand a bit, taking the viewers’ attention away. Let’s see how it goes.

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

Have you built a flyer kit before? What do you think of the Heldrake model? Share your thoughts below in the comments!


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