WIP update: Possessed Marine #2

Before beginning the new project for the competition in May I wanted to wrap up a few models I had begun. Since I already did a messy basecoat on the second Possessed Marine in the squad, I wanted to finish it up. Find out more shots of Mr. Claws after the jump.

After a very quick and heavy-handed basecoat the model looked like this:

Needed cleanup badly.

Needed cleanup badly.

Even though I tried to work cleanly on the model, the paint just did not flow into places I wanted. For a long time I considered my brushes to be appropriate, but it was becoming obvious that I needed new tools. A quick check on the web about what brushes are popular revealed that the Winsor&Newton Series 7 brushes are highly acclaimed. I picked up a no.1 and no.2 from a specialist art store (Güven Sanat for Istanbul residents). These superb brushes deserve a post on their own, but I want to share what I had to deal with before getting them:

Above: W&N Series 7 no.1 Below: Old Citadel Standard Brush

Above: W&N Series 7 no.1
Below: Old Citadel Standard Brush

With the new tools in hand, I applied a second basecoat, cleaned up the mess around tricky areas and applied the preliminary washes. I’m not concerned about stains from washes, especially on the horn/bone areas, since the new layers will erase these errors anyways. Also for the larger surfaces I want to try two-brush blending, and this weekend is a perfect opportunity for this.

Here are the photos I took while waiting for the washes to dry:

From the pictures you’ll also notice I made a few improvements on the base. I’ll probably add some fine sand here and there to bring the model together, then it’s a matter of priming and applying gray colors to tie in with the rest of the squad.

Let me know what you think about the model in the comments!


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