Month: March 2014

The Warmaster

Yesterday Forgeworld announced the new model in their Horus Heresy character series which I have followed for some time. So far the series contained the major antagonist primarch models of the Horus Heresy era in addition to other notable characters such as Khârn the Betrayer, Typhon and Abaddon. Forgeworld is well-known for their finely detailed resin models, and this new addition to the series is no exception:


Horus, Warmaster to the Armies of Mankind

Considering my current Black Legion themed Chaos Space Marine army, this news pretty much made my day. Sculpted by Simon Egan (who is the go-to person for gritty realistic soldiers like Krieg units and Chaos titans) the model looks like it will be the most detailed primarch to date when released. And that lands the model in the number 1 spot for my wish list!

The series also includes characters from the Loyalist side. This begs the question if the company will release a model for Sanguinus of the Blood Angels and the God-Emperor as well… I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps a diorama of the final confrontation aboard the Vengeful Spirit?

One can only hope.

One can only hope.

How do you like the Horus model?


The Plunge

Hello and welcome to Roemer’s Workshop!

This blog will track my progress in the miniature hobby, be it real-life scale models of air and land vehicles or sci-fi and fantasy wargaming figures. I intend to post on a weekly basis to give myself a kind of flow, to push me to be more involved in the hobby and in the meantime, learn a bit about blogging and modeling techniques in general.

A little about myself… I have been in the hobby since grade school, when I had my lifetime goal of becoming a military jet pilot some day (spoilers: I didn’t). Thus most of the models I got from my parents were of jet fighters of different eras. Of course the models I built had very little resemblance to the box picture, since I pretty much wanted a plane with some kind of camo on it to play around and show off.

Imagine this beauty in the garish “camo” of bright yellows, blues and greens. Yeah, that’s what I call tri-color camo!

Later in high school I found out about miniature wargaming and eventually the inspiration for almost all the fancy fantasy and sci-fi games, the Warhammer universe. And boy, was that a treat! My starter set was the Battleforce: Space Orks and I was really excited to both paint the minis and play the game on tabletop. I painted a few ork boyz with the base colors and was happy with them. When I had to travel for higher education however, I shelved the box and the long hiatus began.

Today, I have settled in a proper house with my wife where I work on a Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army. I pretty much distanced myself from the wargaming aspect of the models and focus on creating good-looking miniatures (above tabletop quality, if you will). The aim is to strive for the best paint job ever, when I pick up a new model. This hobby is a lot more fun with the community involved, so please do comment on stuff you like/dislike with a touch of constructive criticism.

That said, let the painting begin!