Militarum Tempestus

Recently Games Workshop released a new series of models for the Imperial Guard army with the banner Militarum Tempestus. Along with the non-static Helbrute and the poster boy Imperial Knight, GW seems to be on a new model spree for an array of armies. Find out my thoughts on these models and a bit of reminiscence after the jump.

When I look back at how I entered the hobby I see it was always the passion to create stunning looking miniatures that had a distinct vibe and a bit of challenge attached to them that motivated me the most. This was the reason I started with the Orks and got the beginner set. Their colorful and chaotic nature assured a fun painting session that could create a variety of distinct looking models that would need a bit of skill to pull of nicely.

But there was always the itch to grab a box of Imperial Guard, those valiant and hopelessly outnumbered soldiers of the Imperium. Back then I was especially fond of the sniper units with the cloaks, it was an eye opener to see how much detail one can cram into a single model. Later on, I found out about the Forge World model line that covered different regiments and specialized units and I fell in love with the Death Korps of Krieg. I guess you can see the reasons if you check them out:

Then there are the flyers and walker units that are simply stunning to look at. I am especially fond of the Valkyrie, which reminds me of the gunship from Aliens. I might pick this up at a later time for a project.

However, not all the kits in the army were good on the eyes, especially the tanks. I still hate the stocky, giant-barreled excuses of tanks (except for the Baneblade, that’s cool). See for yourself:

While I cannot really pick on the nifty details since I never collected Imperial Guard models, the new kits for Militarum Tempestus are certainly pleasing to the eye. The command squad has the distinct feel of the new casts on it, and the Taurox Prime will please the fans (I still hate it for being stocky).

Some models reminded me of Chaos Cultists, which makes me think if I can get some of these to use as traitor units in my Black Legion army.

The models, while brilliantly sculpted and finely detailed, are not the cheapest GW offers at the moment. At 4.20 GBP a piece, it won’t be easy for fans to create an army composed of these models, especially considering the “horde” style of the Imperial Guard. To each his/her own I suppose. The Taurox seems reasonably priced, compared to the Helbrute kit I recently got.

Yup, that’s a fortune right there.

What do you think of the models? Do you collect an IG army? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I really love the Deathkorps, but IMHO they are just too bleeping expensive, otherwise I might have bought into those. But I went for Tau and somehow lost the interest to even paint them! 😉


    1. I have to say the Tau really remind me of Power Rangers, but they do lend themselves to beautiful edge highlights. Might try a model or two in the future but I pretty much have my goal for the year set out before me.


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