WIP: Heldrake #4

Before the painting sessions begin, I decided to give the above pieces a go at assembly, even though there are some parts that will be a little obscured. I am still able to push in a brush into the recesses without hitting anything else, so this should work. Find out more shots after the jump. 

There isn’t much left on the sprues with this kit. The largest pieces of the wing assembly will take some time to apply the gold and the base paints, so I probably will begin work with them.

There’s also the problem with the head that requires attention. The thing is if I try painting the inside of the mouth before assembly I’ll certainly miss a huge join line in there that needs green stuff. On the other hand, a much more garish join line appears on the face that needs correction asap. All the while the minigun will obstruct painting if I assemble the head fully and make corrections. I can’t really decide what to do, so I’m open to suggestions at this time. Let me know what you think in the comments!


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