WIP: Heldrake #5

This post was supposed to air yesterday but due to unforeseen consequences I had to push it to today. I have cut the last pieces of the kit from the sprues, gave them a cleaning session and prepared them for priming. I also did some rearranging with my paints. Find out more about what I’ve been up to after the jump. 

As you can see on the cover photo the larger wings are off the sprues and will be ready for final assembly after individual painting. Even with a dry fit the wings show a fair amount of overlapping that will make it impossible to reach the recesses for a painter like me. It was rather easy to clean these pieces and remove the mold lines, but I assume a final dusting with a toothbrush or similar tool will be necessary to remove detritus from earlier work.

With a final change of heart I opted for the Baleflamer option on the head. This should allow me to have a more prominent OSL effect and cause little problems with painting inside the mouth. The join lines will be filled with Liquid Green Stuff, which I have not yet tested.

I'll try the autocannon with the next Heldrake I suppose.

I’ll try the autocannon with the next Heldrake I suppose.

I felt a little impatient and wanted to see the posing options of the head with a dry fit. This made me realize another issue about the neck: the pieces underneath the neck and the spine armor greatly limit the pose the piece can take, directly affecting the orientation of the head for a meaningful pose.

This should make it clear for people attempting to assemble this kit to always check dry fits at every stage of the assembly to avoid nasty surprises.

When I checked other sources on the web for storage options for paints and tools I got jealous of people who would either DIY their own paint stations or buy visually attractive paint racks for their collections. However, as a hobbyist cursed with smaller working spaces I have to look for other options. So here’s my little trick for people with similar limitations: you can use the army case for your paints until you are able to fill the spots with minis!

Well, this is it for today’s post. Following a few life altering decisions I foresee the amount of posts per month going down simply due to lack of time spent on the hobby (new job located 1-2 hours drive away from where I live, erratic work hours), but I’ll do my best to keep this little space up-to-date as possible. I also will have different kits to work on other than the Heldrake, like those infamous possessed I have to finish but never get to paint or the new purchases that tempt me. All in good time.



  1. Aww no minigun! Was excited to see that one. Will wait for the next one :). I can understand a lot of these issues you are dealing with. Have you thought about using magnets to swap components back and forth? Usually when I encounter a situation with extremely overlapping components, or a part I’d find difficult to paint, I usually just magnetize it. It not only allows me more freedom to pose, but lets me paint each section individually without worrying about messing it up with glue later.

    Pinning also works, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of that yet. Great idea on the mini container for paints!

    It’s very interesting to watch your process. You are very meticulous and detailed in your build. This is going to be such an amazing model!


    1. Thanks for the comment greggles!

      I thought long and hard and decided finally on the Baleflamer because I had to do quite a few things at the same time if I opted to go with the Autocannon. The narrow spaces are really unforgiving for brushes and I can already see myself getting frustrated at correcting the spots I messed up for several times.

      I will pin the models for sure, but that is to increase stability of extremities such as the claws and wing connectors. I was thinking of magnetizing the mouth weapon but the flamer and autocannon have distinctly different mouthpieces to risk looking weird. But I will definitely try that on my Maulerfiend when I get to it!


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