WIP : Heldrake Project and Possessed Update

It hasn’t been too exciting the few days in terms of hobby developments but I did manage to get a few things in order. As you can see the Heldrake parts are largely primed with Chaos Black spray. I’ll still have to go over them with a brush to make sure everything is covered fine. Find out what else I’ve been up to after the jump.

I went forward with the base paints on the Possessed Marine I’ve been working on. Let me say straight away that the coverage of the darkest brown I have is still not enough to go over black primer when diluted properly. At the same dilution rate, Khorne Red covers a LOT better than Mournfang Brown. I also touched up any poor coverage of Khorne Red in the previous step with a second lick of paint.

I also have to admit that the colors did not match as much as I’d hoped. Considering I am a bit color blind too I will have some difficulty blending the claws and membranes on the wings it seems. I’ll try to cover the membranes with a much darker hue in the weekend (possibly mixing a little Abaddon Black in the mix) and see how it goes from there. As for the claw arms, I am open to suggestions on which colors to pick… Khorne based reds won’t have great contrast I guess. Still haven’t made up my mind about the bat-like or dragon-like wings either. Decisions, decisions…

In other news, a new project is underway but since it’s kind of a surprise for the , I can’t really share a lot of visuals on this. Let’s say I’m taking a drastically different kind of mini than I’m used to for this occasion. Tune in later for more news on this!



  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about exact color matching. If they are slightly off, it merely helps to make the mini look different then his companions. (Plus you could always just assume the wings were a later mutation, so it’s “fresher”).

    Of course it really comes down to what you’re happy with. Perfection is a goal we all strive for, but is always just out of reach! I also find I am never satisified with my mini’s (personally), until the last few stages when everything comes together!

    Orange/purples usually go pretty well with red. (either as a hotter or cooler complementary color) Bright Orange is my go to standard red highlight.

    Really excited about the heldrake…that’s going to be one looooong process.


    1. Purple is a splendid idea. I should experiment with this once I get back to my workstation. I was thinking of imitating the GW models a bit but now I can make them look more distinct. Thanks!

      I’m also looking forward to the Heldrake, especially the golds. With the Vallejo Liquid Metal series this model will SHINE.


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