Back to the Fold

The previous week has been a perilous one. As the lack of posts here suggest, there was very little time for me to spend on personal matters, let alone the WH40k hobby. The last few days leading to the weekend have been extra tiresome, where we took part in an industry exhibition for the new company I switched to. Nevertheless, I did have a little time to spare for the few kits I’m working on. Find out more after the jump. 

As you can see from the post highlight, the last project I shied from disclosing is the Nemesis Dreadknight from the Grey Knights army. This is the joint project I mentioned previously for a friend of ours who’s come back from military duty, and since my partner already told him what we’re up to, I see no problem posting about it in this little space!

Games Workshop (and Forgeworld I have to say) is usually very careful about on time deliveries and we were quite puzzled to see that our package came nothing short of 1.5 months late after our initial order. During this time we found out that our order was sent to the wrong address a few times and was otherwise delayed to the point that we almost requested a refund. To make up for this problem, GW sent us 2 kits of the same and that was a pleasant surprise for us! Also, it let us get to work on two different approaches for the same kit, which is pretty much a win situation for us in the end. Thanks GW!

Without further delay I started skimming through the instructions to see which parts I could assemble without causing painting issues later and decided to take care of the feet and main chassis of the  model.

Like most models that have large, flat surfaces that are prominent when looked at from any distance, this kit presents a few problems with join lines, especially if one is to use the pieces without modification on them.

This is the first time I’ve seen mold lines that run along the edge of a piece that is supposed to stick to another surface. At least they’re cleaned easily with the knife. I take an unseemly mold line over a join line any day!

After about an hour or so, I finished the feet without serious problems.

I have to say I’m impressed with the size of this model. It comes on a large oval base which is the standard for the Chaos Space Marines Heldrake and Maulerfiend, both very large models to work on. This kit will probably surprise me in some other parts about the actual size.

I moved on to another simple step, the main chassis. Here I was a little puzzled much like the time I was with the Heldrake’s spine. There are some spare pieces that need assembly which could have been included in the original sprue, attached. I guess it’s part of the challenge.

Here’s the finished pieces from this weekend.


Done! Although the chassis looks like an animal’s head from this angle…

So there you have a glimpse at the 4th concurrent project I’m working on. I expect that the model will really shine when I apply the Liquid Metal series paints by Vallejo, can’t wait to test them out! Then again, I may need some spare pots of silver as the model is almost entirely metallic!

Tune in later this week to see what I’m up to, and see you folks in the next post!



  1. Hey Roemer! Good to see you back. What a drastic different kit from the ones you are working on. Pretty much the polar opposite army :).

    When painting large dreads, I tend to use an undercoat spray for the metallics, so I don’t use up the good paint. If part of your standard setup involves a base coat + wash, (prior to going back with detail), using a basecoat spray will save you quite a lot of money!

    Just a suggestion since I know those liquid metallics aren’t the cheapest in the world.

    Looking forward to the build!


  2. Hey man, looking great so far! The Dreadknights have been a favourite model of mine for a while but have never actually picked one up for myself. And they sent out two, which is a big plus! Looking forward to seeing you build this step-by-step.


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