WIP: Dreadknight #1

Whew, what a week this was. Having an overseas HQ with a 10 hour time difference at work is really a pain when you need to coordinate efforts. I made a lot of overtime and was pretty much swamped with work until the 1st of May, which naturally turned into a mini hobby fest for me and my workshop buddies. Find out my progress on the Dreadknight after the jump.

My friends and I gathered around midday to start our projects, 2 of us working on the separate Dreadknights, one working on a 1:144 F-14 Tomcat and the last working on some Grey Knights. We had loads of fun in a pretty cramped space with lost and found pieces, painting and modeling ideas shared across hobbyists and a bit of good old fashion fast food to boot.

As you can see from the title picture a lot of sub assemblies are complete in this kit. I still am looking forward to delivering a showcase quality model to my buddy but I want to exercise some speed during building the kit as well. So wherever I saw an opportunity for easy painting I did not hesitate and assembled the kits. Of course, the dreaded (get it? heh… right.) mold lines showed up in the most unfortunate locations on some parts, but I guess this comes as default with the hobby itself. With a bit of vigilant cleanup, I finished the legs of the model.

I wanted to have some idea of the model’s height through some dry fits, so I decided to assemble the hull where the pilot stands as well. I left my chassis and feet at home so I borrowed my partner’s parts to put them together into a high standing pose. At max it stands a good 15-17cm tall, not too shabby at all. It was also nice to see that some amount of posing can be achieved with the “trapped” hydraulics on the shoulders.

Then I moved on to the weapons. And I gotta say, this is one of the few moments I felt really nerdy! With the giant force sword in one hand and the emery board in the other, I felt like sharpening the blade with a whetstone!

Can you answer the Riddle of Steel?

Can you answer the Riddle of Steel?

Then I assembled the flamer for the right hand and saw that this kit had some vents in the hoses of the weapon canisters. To my delight, the mold lines and the vents were easy to dispatch with the side of my modeling knife. Never had such forgiving mold lines on a model.

For the armaments I wanted to ask the future owner of the kit about his decisions, since he’ll actually use the models in wargaming. We’ll go with a classic look with a flamer and force sword on the right arm and the autocannon (damn I love miniguns) on the left.

Just and sword and presto!

Just add sword and presto!

As a closing pic, here’s the finished F-14 Tomcat I mentioned earlier in the post, finished. Good work Gargantua!



This weekend I might have a bit more time to devote to my models, so be sure to check back in the coming days for more updates!


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