WIP: Dreadknight #2

Finally after the two hectic weeks of erratic working hours, I found some time to focus on the hobby this weekend. I am quite pleased with the progress on the commissioned Dreadknight and made quite a bit of headway before getting to the point of priming and painting. Find out some shots and my comments on the project after the jump. 

I continued with sub-assemblies to the point where painting will be difficult to reach nooks and crannies with a brush. For the right arm I’m planning to magnetize the mêlée weapons so that they’ll be switchable for different opponents. So the left arm will have a Flamethrower attached to it as well as the switchable Force Sword and Daemon Hammer. The left arm is pretty much set: the Autocannon and the Dreadfist, so that can be assembled right away. I brought together all the relevant parts for a dry fit (I love dry fits) to see how it looks. The Autocannon requires a bit of bending the pieces to attach on the arm, the flamer clips perfectly to the other arm. My partner on the other Dreadknight had a bit of a problem with an already primed arm to fit the Autocannon and I see why. Let’s see what happens when I prime and paint.

I moved on to the rest of the pilot, mainly the upper torso, shoulder pads and the arms. The head I left on the sprue and cleaned up the mold lines, it will be easier to paint it this way. I’ll try some OSL effects now that the helmeted variant is desired on the kit. The torso was pretty straightforward, and again I tried a dry fit. It was difficult to fully push the piece in but with a little nudge I got it in place… and to my demise the piece just got lodged in the spot. No way getting it out of there without damaging it somehow.

Lastly I decided to see how high the model would go with a full body dry fit. There I realized that the leg parts have a bit of a mismatch in the actuators in the top: the surface comes in an angle to the actual join. It might be my mistake, but I’m pretty sure I followed the manual to the letter. Perhaps someone else who made this kit can comment on what might be wrong. Check it out:

The top cable is supposed to go in smoothly. It doesn't.

The top cable is supposed to go in smoothly. It doesn’t.

Here’s how the kit looks like from head to toe (so to speak):

Next step will be to prime the simplest parts (feet, chassis connection, armor plates etc) and getting the arms into their final form. After I get my magnets I’ll get to work on the mêlée weapons.

Let me know what you think about the model in the comments!



  1. I am amazed at the time and detail you put into the model prep phase. I feel like a stumbling ork assembling my models by comparison. Lots of good info here.

    Do you have a particular technique you use when applying liquid greenstuff? I haven’t had much luck with it, and was wondering if I was just doing something horribly wrong.


    1. Thanks for the comment greggles!

      Well I’m in no rush to finish the models so I take my sweet time. I felt it would be different to focus a bit on the out of the box items and how cleaning up can bring up a challenge, and so far I’m content with the turnaround.

      Regarding LGS, I had bought a sculpting tool to work with it and it works quite nicely. But I should say that any tool with a flat edge should be good to even out the surfaces, just make sure the used edge is a bit wet so that no GS gets stuck on your tool.


      1. Oooooh. That’s a good tip. I never had luck with it because it’s always sticking to things. I’ll try wetting my tools. Thanks so much!


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