Month: June 2014

WIP: Dreadknight #3

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to rest in this time of the year due to crazy deadlines at the new workplace, let alone spend time on the hobby like I do. Having seized at least some time in this weekend I wanted to get the brunt of the work done on the Dreadknight, since all there’s left is the painting. Find out what I’ve taken care of and what my plan is for the rest of the year.


Dreadknight Update, New Tools and Impulse Buys

Another big silence, another post with some amount of work done on the projects. I managed to spend a bit of time on the models I got (getting less and less time to spend on the hobby, sadly) and by that I mean the Dreadknight, since that is the priority at the moment. Find out what I’ve been working on with a few side pictures after the jump.