Month: July 2014

WIP: Dreadknight #6

Here we go with another WIP post. I know you’ve had it with the slow progress on the kit but this time I’m really close to having the model finished until the mêlée weapons are complete. As you can see from the spotlight shot I completed the mid-level highlights on every part of the model except for the pilot who will receive some extra care, then assembled the model to its final form. Check out my progress on the Dreadknight after the jump and see what is to come in the next post.


WIP: Dreadknight #5

While this is certainly not the last WIP as I foresaw in my last post, I did have a lot of realizations about the model, the Dreadknight, to not consider this spent time as wasted. I had several ideas to apply on the model but it seems luck wasn’t on my side. Check out my struggle over the weekend and some WIP shots after the jump.


WIP: Dreadknight #4

Another week past, another post. Although there is little work done considering my progress with the Heldrake, I feel a lot more in control now that I work on something without a deadline. Besides, the Dreadknight has become a very nice project where I will have a chance to test a lot of techniques on almost all areas except basing. Find out my progress after the jump.