WIP: Dreadknight #6

Here we go with another WIP post. I know you’ve had it with the slow progress on the kit but this time I’m really close to having the model finished until the mêlée weapons are complete. As you can see from the spotlight shot I completed the mid-level highlights on every part of the model except for the pilot who will receive some extra care, then assembled the model to its final form. Check out my progress on the Dreadknight after the jump and see what is to come in the next post.

With the base coated and shaded pieces in hand I immediately progressed to the parts that needed the most attention. I had left the servos on the torso unpainted (or rather left the bronze on) since every move on the pieces scratched off the paint on it. So to fix it in place I had to assemble the arms, which needs me to complete work on the arms and ranged weapons! So without further ado, I went over the minigun and the flamer, then the arms themselves. The plan is to highlight metals with Chainmail (or Ironbreaker) and then with Runefang Steel, the reds with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Macharius Solar Orange (or Jokaero Orange). For the rest I will use mixed colors for stuff like small lenses, pilot eyes etc.

I see now that I still have a lot to learn about edge highlighting, especially for spots that are difficult to reach or really tiny edges like the vents on the weapons. I guess I got a bit carried away with trying to set myself some deadlines to deliver the model when there was no need. So I did have some spillover of color on some edges. The pics only show the metal highlights, but reds should show at the end with other items.

With the arms and ranged weapons complete, I moved on to the torso actuators and applied the same “gun-metal” formula from my last WIP post and added some wear & tear.

After the arms and torso I added the highlights on pistons for the leg actuators and the scratches on the back. I also did a minor dry brush of Necron Compound on the ribbed cables and the pilot’s stepping pieces (stirrups?). Then I assembled the feet to figure out how they will be posed on the base. This was definitely not easy, however, as the multiple layers of paint from earlier sessions proved quite detrimental to my progress! Check it out:

Moving on… next on the list was the tilting shield. This part is a personal favorite of mine, I love doing detail work, especially if you have a few different colors dancing on one spot. The demon I left in the original red colors and applied the Grey Knights heraldry on the fighting figure. It looks to me that Kaldor Draigo is battling Fulgrim as a demon prince. Oh well, gotta ask the sculptor who is depicted in the scene.

Reds highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and then Macharius Solar Orange (Jokaero Orange in the new batch). Need highlights on loincloth and metallics.

Just need highlights on loincloth and metallics. Perhaps I’ll touch up the demon horns and hairs.

Finally, I moved on to the pilot’s details, working from the legs up to the head, as well as the harness. I took care of the golds, the parchments, armor highlights and the chapter heraldry. I decided not to use Vallejo Liquid Metals after all, seeing that the properly thinned paint runs everywhere on the model in my Heldrake experience. Besides, I do not have a ton of gold details to work on to call for the extra work with the alcohol thinner. So, classic, 3 color up shading with the GW golds was applied. My last step here will be to apply OSL to the eyes and assemble the pilot for the blue washes.

With first highlights and details complete, next on list is the extreme highlights and then, the scariest part that will make or break the model: the blue steel effect. For this I plan to apply a super thinned blue color to the bottoms of armor plates, working with a wet brush upwards to blend with the background. Just like my previous application of Nuln Oil, it probably will be a little troublesome to correctly shift the color to where I want but I think I’ll manage to give the effect subtle enough to not distract after all.

I looked over the model again and decided that it’s not the worst idea to fully assemble what has been complete so far. The extreme highlights can be done in this phase after all. I shifted the torso to a dramatic pose (or so I want to believe) and glued them together with a deep breath.

After the blue hue I’ll finish the mêlée weapons. Seems like I won’t make it to an airbrush booth before the Eid break, so I’ll take my time with it. If time permits, I’ll squeeze in one last WIP before the Eid to show my blue steel attempt, otherwise, I’ll see you folks after the break!


  1. I really like how the chainmail highlights pop out the plates. You can’t see it in every shot (so difficult taking photos of metallic shine), but when it does show up, it looks fantastic. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the method you used to apply the highlights gives them a brushed feel, which just adds to the cool effect.

    Great work on the little shield too! It’s got so much flavor and depth! You’d probably have a field day working on an imperial knight :).

    Looking forward to the blue steel glaze/wash. I’d suggest sealing the model first (in case you don’t like how it’s coming out), but then you’d basically have to re highlight all the metallic s again!

    I’m sure it will come out great!


    1. The brushed effect was intended here, especially on the back plates right below the chimneys and the leg armor plates in the front. I tried to keep brushing one way so that my flayed brush (the largest one I use mainly for drybrush) created the chaotic marks.

      The shield needs a bit of rework now that I look at it again, but thanks for the remarks! The Imperial Knights I think have a lot of potential for freehand work. I am not confident in that category yet to attempt one. Even then, if I ever intended to get a Knight, I’d go with the Cerastus version from Forgeworld. It’s a thing of beauty: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/New_Stuff/CERASTUS_KNIGHT-LANCER.html

      Sadly I do not have proper sealing material yet, so I’ll take the leap of faith. Worst comes to worst, I’ll reapply the bases and re-highlight the model. To make sure I have no mistakes around, I’m planning to dilute the wash / glaze by something like 1:10 with water. That will just test my patience and I’m fine with that!


      1. Well the brushed effect definitely comes across and looks great!

        I haven’t decided on which knight I like best. I’m hoping that someone has the new knight at Nova (end of next month) so I can finally see one in person. They are supposedly working on a few more, so will be interesting to see what the entire line looks like! (I might eventually get one as well!)

        I think you’ll be fine. With such a dilute glaze, you can easily sop it up with a towel or wet brush. Then of course sometimes it’s hard to tell what it’s going to look like till it dries!


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