Month: August 2014

WIP: Maulerfiend #1

The Maulerfiend projects goes better than expected. This week I found little time to spend on the hobby but at least made good progress towards preparation for painting. As I mentioned before the model has a significant join line problem that needs fixing with a putty. I had acquired Liquid Green Stuff before but lacked the tools to apply it correctly and didn’t want to risk the model going bad. So I¬†remedied that situation and got to work! Check out the results and my tips and review on the new tools after the jump.



New Project: Black Legion Maulerfiend/Forgefiend

This past weekend has been very fruitful in terms of hobby work. I found plenty of time to spend on models and decided to start work on my Maulerfiend (couldn’t wait!). It’s a surprisingly easy and fun model, so the first WIP session went very smoothly, it was a blast. Find out my little review about the model, some notes on the kit and the¬†early assembly photos after the jump.


A Solution for Lighting

For quite some time I wanted to get myself a proper light box to get better photos of the miniatures I work on and one time I even built one from scratch, using a cardboard box and some copying paper for sides. While it was adequate for diffusing light, it was still bulky (no way to carry it around) and quite fragile due to the paper sides that could just break any time. Then last week it got thrashed by the cleaning lady and pretty much became useless. So, I looked around for a mobile alternative and found Foldio, by orangemonkie and ordered one to see how it works. Find out what I think about the product after the jump.


We’re back, and better than ever!

Eid week is over, and so is my long silence in terms of the hobby. I had a much needed change of space this past week when I traveled to Italy, specifically to Rome, Florence and Venice. It was a great trip filled with culture (you don’t get to eat a Florentine steak next to a baritone singing Nessun Dorma anywhere else in the world I reckon), art, scenery and some good old fashioned trekking. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve walked this much in any trip thus far, ever. Find out some of my favorite shots after the break (obviously image heavy post)!