We’re back, and better than ever!

Eid week is over, and so is my long silence in terms of the hobby. I had a much needed change of space this past week when I traveled to Italy, specifically to Rome, Florence and Venice. It was a great trip filled with culture (you don’t get to eat a Florentine steak next to a baritone singing Nessun Dorma anywhere else in the world I reckon), art, scenery and some good old fashioned trekking. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve walked this much in any trip thus far, ever. Find out some of my favorite shots after the break (obviously image heavy post)!

I did mean to post this up in the beginning of the week but when I looked at the camera I saw 2200 photos to process (not kidding) and had to put off till later. As mentioned, within 7 full days I had the chance to visit the birthplace of ancient Rome, the home of Ezio Auditore (da Firenze, duh!) and the largest canal city I’ve witnessed thus far with my wife. Among them Florence was a really exciting place full of sculptures, gorgeous paintings and history. We also got to see Hannibal Lecter’s favorite places to hang around (pun intended)!

Of course, my wife and I didn’t want to settle with simple phone or point-and-shoot cameras and got ourselves an entry level professional camera, with a proper lens from a local provider. We opted for the Canon 650D model after asking around, and were very pleased with the resulting photos, even on automatic mode!

Comes with a basic 18-55 lens, more than enough for an amateur like me.

Cost us around $750 but given that it’s a perfect tool for miniature photography as well I consider this quite a bargain. For those interested comrades, Hepsiburada.com should still have some kind of discount sale going on for the photography category, so drop by if you need some nice equipment (and of course, if you’re located in Turkey, duh!).

But enough of this, let’s start with the highlights in Rome:

That took us 3 days. Here’s what I enjoyed in Florence:

That’s 2 days. And a little bit of Venice. I have to say, aside from the canals and the Piazza di San Marco, I didn’t get the vibe of the place. Oh well:

And now you know why there was no progress on the models! Work was a bit of a detriment to the hobby for the rest of the week but I should get some quality work done on my WIP projects and get things rolling again from here on. Who knows, I might even be able to finish the Knight and move on to the Chaos units I long for. Now that will be loads of fun!



  1. Absolutely incredible photos! Thanks so much for sharing them. Looks like an absolutely amazing trip! No wonder you were silent for so long. Welcome back!


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