WIP: Maulerfiend #2

I wanted to make up for the long silence with a better post for today, however time limitations and other scheduled items took precedence over the hobby for the past few days. Even then, I did work on the Maulerfiend and checked back with my unfinished Dreadknight. Take a look at what I’ve been up to after the jump.

Well, as the post’s featured image suggests I have primed all sub-assemblies of the Maulerfiend. This time I have used the Vallejo Black Surface Primer I got some time ago and I have to say that when used correctly spraying is the best way to prime minis, period. I underline the part correctly because you have the drawback of ruining the model if you’re not careful with what you’re doing. Believe me, I have experienced it first hand on this project. Luckily, the damage is not severe and I can salvage it but it taught me a valuable lesson:

Do not risk a favored mini for a method you’re trying for the first time. 

I came quite close to ruining the model when I forgot to spray somewhere spare like a newspaper to test the can when I sprayed directly on to the body (now that I type this out I cannot believe how stupid I was) of the Maulerfiend. I’ve made some notes to myself about proper spray use which I’ll share in a different post.

As for the session, I first mounted all the pieces that allowed some modifications on them on to spare sprue sticks. This allowed me to not touch the kits anywhere while I waited for the pieces to dry. Here are the results:

Lessons learned. Now I feel a lot more comfortable using the Vallejo spray and know what to do on the next mini. Then again, just for good measure, I’ll avoid priming highly detailed resin pieces with spray cans, and stick to the brush instead. I’ll also try the airbrush method some time once I set up the system. The spray can method took me no longer than 20 minutes, a huge time saver.

I corrected the primer on the Dreadknight’s base and went to work on it. Very simple scheme of grey: Eshin Grey for heavy drybrush all over the base, Dawnstone medium drybrush on the larger collections of rocks and rubble, and a final highlight of Ulthuan Grey for the hard edges and the top parts of the surface, lightly drybrushed. All in all a simple but effective solution.

And here’s a final shot about why I’ve been putting off the hobby for some time: my dad visited for a few weeks for much-needed vacation!

Like dad like son!

Like dad like son!

This coming week I’ll be on a business trip so had to pretty much shelf all the current projects in my absence. Expect another travel post next week on my return!



  1. Hey Roemer!

    Glad to see you are taking some real life time for the hobby :). That type of thick priming can also occur depending on your humidity. I find spray priming has a narrow functioning window. Needs to be low humidity, relatively cool, and spray the entire piece at once (not in stages).

    If it’s humid, it tends to go on rather thick.
    If its cold, it causes all sorts of issues.
    If you don’t spray it all at once, any overspray will thicken on top of the existing primer.

    I’ve adapted my technique to do entire pieces at once (on a stick, just rotate around), and any missed spots, i just touch up with the paint.

    I think the battle damage will cover up that part nicely though. Just be glad it wasn’t army painter primer…i once sprayed that on a model and it melted it, because the mixture went sour and basically melted the plastic! Luckily it was a super cheap model and not much was lost.

    Base for the dreadknight looks great. One thing I learned from the recent painting entry…make your own bases! (they doc points for resin bases…doh!)


    1. Cheers Greg! Thanks for taking the time during the big Nova event to post here.

      The last time I used a spray paint was for the Heldrake with a GW Chaos Black spray I borrowed from my buddy and that was pretty much in spring. I have to admit it was very windy on the day I sprayed the Maulerfiend and had lots of trouble actually hitting the model so that might be the reason why I went berserk on the armor.

      For so many times I see bases beginning with the gray rocks and sand and then people keep going with different colors around them. I wanted to reflect a sooty environment, perhaps touched by a recent Exterminatus and I think I captured it.

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