99 Luftballons: Berlin Visit!

The week of business visit/sightseeing is over and I am glad to be back home once more. While the first few days of our trip were pretty much dominated with work related meetings, I got to create some quality time with my wife and an old friend for the remainder of the week. I also made a much needed visit to a certain place, but I’ll spare you the spoilers! Find out the highlights of Berlin after the jump (image heavy post!).

As said, I wasn’t able to freely roam the city for the first half of the trip, however starting with Friday morning we went on a Spree (see what I did there?) to visit as many landmarks as possible. We’ve covered what’s considered a must by most trip guides available in quite a short amount of time. My buddy residing in the city kindly let us to all the nooks and crannies that are worthwhile and we filled the rest of the itinerary with our handy travel guide. I even managed to get to Saturn for some nice apparel shopping and took pictures with some virtual celebrities! Here’s what we’ve got for Berlin (all shots courtesy of my wife, the photographer, and the random Berliners that happened to pass by!):

During our stay we planned a visit to Potsdam, accessible easily by train, which took pretty much the bulk of the day but was very fruitful. It seems my German is not completely gone and I was able to freely interact with our tour guide and other residents. I must also mention here that I’m pretty much in love with how efficient and fast the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn network operate. It didn’t take us more than an hour to traverse the entire length of the city to arrive in the outskirts of Potsdam. Coming up the highlights for Potsdam and the countryside:

Before the day was over, we had a few more hours to spend before the shops closed. And here I made one last visit to a special place: the Games Workshop hobby shop in Europacenter! It’s probably nothing much for those of you who have local shops but since I do not have direct access to a proper GW shop in Turkey but only authorized stores, this was quite a treat, with people painting models and boards, rows of models on sale and locally painted models to showcase. I was looking forward to this visit as I wanted to pick up a box of Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead for the painting pleasure (and I did get one!) along with a few other goodies for painting. I added a Slaughterbrute to my collection which I’ll model and paint as a Vortex Beast as well as a Dark Elf Assassin model. All three models look really sweet and are totally worth every cent paid for them. I’ll touch on the new kits at a later post, for now, take a look at the goodies in the shop:

I wanted to have a visit to a local Revell shop as well but time constraints and the tendency for Germans to not work on Sundays kinda defeated that plan. Oh well, I guess the Solo Turk model can wait until my next visit.

"Next time, Gadget!"

“Next time, Gadget!”

Gotta admit, I meant this post to be for Monday but already I see that all the work that piled up since my absence will prove to be difficult to erode. I’ll try to get an update in between for Friday, just to have a scheduled posting for the blog and if all else fails, I’ll see you folks around beginning next week.


  1. Absolutely lovely photos again! That GW store is MASSIVE! The ones that used to be near me (that closed) were minuscule by comparison.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Nagash model! I’m picking up some of the skeleton looking daemons as I plan out my Ork/Daemon tournament army! Thanks for all the lovely photos! I hope one day I can make it out to that side of the pond as well!


    1. Well, if you ever do come around let me know and we’ll try to get together for a beer or something. But I gotta admit we don’t get a lot of international tournaments here, so we’ll see how it plays out. Are you going to Games Day in the UK by any chance?

      Nagash is very intimidating. The model itself is huge (there are a couple reviews out there but I plan to give one on my own) and has a lot of tricky points when it comes to painting, especially in the transitions from cloak to spirits. It will definitely be a huge challenge for me.

      I wonder what you mean by the skeleton looking daemons…


      1. That would be great!
        I don’t have any europe trips planned right now. May be going to greece/italy in a year or so, but not in the quick future (that’s an expensive trip!).

        I imagine nagash is one of those models you built and paint, then never ever move again. I can’t imagine transporting him. The model looks so frail in terms of it’s thin pieces. (even though it’s plastic).

        These are the skeleton looking daemons I was talking about.

        They are gorgeous and will make perfect daemon princes! I can almost see the decaying flesh dripping over those bones!


      2. You had to see me in the shop: I picked up Nagash and was looking like a hungry wolf at those. Very pretty, and admirable quality detail for plastic models. I can see myself getting them at a later stage.

        Nagash, as I’ve seen in the Youtube tutorials by GW is very frail as you say without proper pinning. When Duncan was moving the model around to show the finished result (and I’m sure he’s super careful with it) the spirits kept wobbling. Scares me to think what happens if a cleaning lady comes around!


      3. Oh, I imagine you were the same way at the shop, as I was at Nova open. I was like a kid running around checking out all the armies. I’m kinda of glad I didn’t play this time, I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate!

        I figure the skeleton dudes will make fantastic daemon princes with some work. I’m coming up with an idea of opposing colors on a color wheel, based on the ork clans, bad moons, red suns, and deff skulls (yellow, red, blue). With the daemons summoned being (purple (slanesh), green, nurgle, and orange (khorne)


  2. Actually just come back from Berlin in July, those pictures are bringing back some great memories. Even took the time to stop by the shop and see the lifesize Space Marine 😀 a beautiful city, very cool indeed!


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