WIP: Maulerfiend #3

The past weekend I was looking forward to completing the Dreadknight project by finishing the force weapons, however I couldn’t decide on which technique to use and was unsure of the color scheme for all the blends. So I switched to the primed Maulerfiend sub-assemblies and started applying basecoats. Not the most exciting news to be honest but this lets me keep the work flowing. Find out my progress on this beast and the work plan after the jump.

I opted for the red demon flesh color I used in the Possessed marines and the Heldrake projects to keep coherence with the army, however I’m not entirely convinced that this is really the color scheme I want to apply to the model. The few reference pictures I have for the Black Legion schemes on the internet show high contrast tan colors which look a little more appealing. Then again this means I’ll have to update my color collection to apply it. GW used a fully black scheme on their shop page for the Forgefiend and on the box art which I think is overdone and not very original. At such an early stage in the project I’m open to suggestions for the color scheme. If all else fails I’ll go for the Khornate daemon look.

Also you’ll see I left out all the armor plates from the model and the gold is missing. I’ll once again go with Vallejo Liquid Gold for the trims and the armor and plan to finish it off in a single session. If all goes to plan and I can finish work on the Dreadknight within the week, I’ll have the weekend to apply the VLM in one go. With so many armor plates and the huge Chaos star I think I’ll have a lot of surfaces to work on and will need to think of a way to break up all the gold. I read that the VLM series are difficult to shade with acrylic paints convincingly so I’ll have to think of a solution for that too. Any recommendations are welcome.

In this project I also want to try new methods:

  • Two brush blending for the flesh highlights. I have ample space on arms and legs that should work nicely.
  • Oil paint washes. The applications I see look stunning, but I’m worried about how messy it is.
  • Panoramic or large base to elevate the model. Should be easy with all the rocks I collected and the cork I have.
  • Weathering and battle damage. I have already messed up the model a little with the primer, perhaps I can mask that.

Not the tallest order but enough to keep me busy and on my toes. No deadlines involved so I should be able to take my time and work cleanly. Here’s to hoping I’ll greet you with a Showcase post next time!


  1. John SWEARS by oil paints and washes. He sells it better then the best salesman. “Greg, you can came back the next day and keep working on it!” The ability to move the wash around, pull it thin (blends itself naturally into the lower layers as you drag), gives you ultimate control.

    I have yet to try this, but he loves it.
    (John’s blog)

    Looks like a great model to begin lots of new techniques on. Has some good interesting surfaces. Looking forward to your rendering of it!


    1. Yeah I see that lots of experienced painters who deal with models with many contours (like Space Marine armor for example) prefer the oil washes because of their tendency to run into all recesses quickly. I’ll see if I can find the proper colors (will probably start with black and brown for the Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade equivalents) and learn about how and with what to thin them.

      I think I had John’s blog listed on my roll somewhere but my tendency to read the WordPress reader first sometimes makes me skip these. I’ll check it out for some inspiration for sure.

      Thanks for dropping by Greg!


      1. The nicest thing about the oil washes…because they don’t dry (pretty much at all), you can put a tab, then slowly drag it down, and it’ll create a perfect gradient of pigment as it drags. Making perfect little streaks of grim and dirt.

        Uploaded a full res shot for you of his winning entry. Can see how all the little grim streaks get blended naturally by the oils.

        I’m still waiting for him to post an oil article :).


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