A Bunch of Occasions

Last time I mentioned that there are some interesting days ahead of me.  And what do you know, it just happens that this year a long national holiday coincided with my birthday, getting me out of the office and into a long weekend! This is pretty much what I needed right after a hectic week with overtime work and I’m planning to make the most of it… you guessed it… in the hobby department! Find out what I got for the b-day and what will be on my bench for the near future after the jump.

What more can one ask?

What more can one ask?

Turning 30 was a lot cooler than I expected. In addition to a few totally awesome parties where I spent some quality time with friends and family I received a ton of models to play around with. I’m really excited to tackle them in the coming weeks. But of course, not before I clear the unfinished projects off my desk! I recently set up the plan for the rest of 2014, which will probably spill over to 2015 and I intend to stick to it as much as possible. Besides, the new models should work as encouragement to complete unfinished projects.

It’s been a lazy few days since Friday but I will have a lot more time to work on the models to make up for it. My buddy Xasf got me Shadow of Mordor on Steam and suffice to say I spent a good amount of time on the game for the past few days. More distractions from the hobby! Actually I’d be betraying myself if I say I didn’t do anything, for I did work on some more Spawn bits. I also browsed for what people did with their kits and found some really impressive conversions and paint jobs. Gave me a lot of ideas to work with, but I need to have my Greenstuff delivered first to skip to painting the model.


So many tentacles... I love it! The models will be quite gruesome.

So many tentacles… I love it! The models will be quite gruesome.

My relatives had traveled to the US this past week and should be returning in a week or so. This was naturally a great time to order some models without paying for postage (I swear this is my last order!). I’m getting some new tools, a lot of paints (pretty much an entire range of browns, skin tones and some needed washes), the old, cool Haemonculus model and the new Spirit Hosts. They’re pretty cool and I couldn’t resist. I’ve also got the Space Hulk kit in the package so it will be extra exciting.

Also I am delighted to report that Roemer’s Workshop has reached over 5000 views! Thank you all for being part of this journey and bearing with my ramblings, endless WIPs and the occasional non-hobby post thus far. I’m hoping to have you around (especially you Greg!) for more adventures to come!

Here's to many more!

Here’s to many more!



  1. Happy birthday Roemer! Congrats on the milestone as well! How are you liking shadows of mordor? It looked pretty good in reviews!

    I’m surprised no one got you a tentacle maker yet :). Those are some great models though, will be awesome to see what you do with them!


      1. http://www.greenstuffindustries.com/store/p1/Tentacle_Maker_Tool_Box_v2.html

        Basically you take green stuff…make a snake with it. Place it in the mold and roll the mold back and forth.

        It makes the snakes into nice greenstuff cables and tentacles. Pretty much right up your alley! I’m actually considering getting one, because I want Tuska to be floating on Jets. So I need cables coming out of his daemonic body to power things.

        I’ll have to get Shadows of Mordor now :). I LOVE those batman games.


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