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Having a decent go at the blending technique from last time I got a little too excited and took out a new kit from the mountain. This time I’m tackling a CSM Lord in Terminator Armor, which I wanted to get my hands on for some time since I got it. Check out my initial progress with the kit after the jump.

The Chaos Lord in all his glory.

The Chaos Lord in all his glory.

I have fully assembled infantry before painting in the past and know quite well that having a similar approach here would be hobby-suicide. Thus I decided to break down the model into surefire, smaller sub-assemblies that I was sure would be handled easily without obscuring spots. Thus far I have assembled the legs (very fiddly, see below), the chest, the cape and the default stand the model can sit on.

So far I’m still undecided about which pieces I want to use for the rest of the model, however I’m sure that I will use a Chaos Lord instead of a Chaos Sorcerer for this model, since I already have a dedicated Sorcerer model in resin. The kit comes with a variety of weapon and head options as well as some nice shoulderpads (the sculpted Black Legion eye is very nice). The weapons make little sense to me since I’m not playing the game and don’t really care about the “what you see is what you get” rule even if I would, but those who are interested have a nice range to pick from and can even magnetize them. There are lots of smaller bits that would go with the base like stalagmites, a familiar carrying a sword or just armor ornaments that would further pimp your lord. I’m fond of the loincloth for example, planning to paint it in skin colors and stain it with blood.

Spikes, heads, shoulderpads anad more. Enough to please any enthusiast. A little counterproductive for someone as undecided as me.

Spikes, heads, shoulderpads anad more. Enough to please any enthusiast. A little counterproductive for someone as undecided as me.

Compared to other casts I’ve had from GW, this one I feel a little mixed. While the detail on the new CSM series is astounding (just look at a model from the Dark Vengeance set or the new Aspiring Champion) the casting quality can still be bad. To think that GW got infamous for its “failcasts”, this kit has a lot more defects while being plastic compared to the Obliterators, Mutilators and the Sorcerer. The back of the terminator armor, for example is a huge letdown for people who want to opt for a cloak-less Lord. Luckily, I like the cloak itself and want to try blending it so not a huge issue for me. Still have to see how visible the defect is to call for a fix. On to the cloak, I have never seen a worse mold line on another piece. The ragged fabric has a line directly on the edge! I almost permanently damaged the cloak before I switched to my files and sandpaper. If you have a bad cast, be wary that this part is super fragile.

I’ll have to correct some areas like the legs and the joins elsewhere, then decide on the equipment I want to show. But so far it hasn’t been a challenge I can’t handle. I’ll mount up all sub-assemblies on cork pieces for ease of priming and painting, luckily the pieces have plenty of space that won’t be visible after assembly.

That surface in the middle is perfect for pinning.

That surface in the middle is perfect for pinning.

Depending on the time I can spend on the hobby this weekend I’ll either have more WIP posts or a Showcase for the Dreadknight. I’m hoping for the latter myself. Take care all and have a nice holiday!


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  1. That is one nasty mouldline. Ever since I started cleaning mine up (inspired by your posts), now I find them like a plague upon models. They always seem to go over tiny little ridges and nubs. So annoying.

    Looking forward to your take on the lord. It’s a lovely model.


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