WIP: All in One

Another difficult beginning to the week, another late post. I feel like I’ve had a sense of euphoria after publishing the Dreadknight post, as if completing the model would somehow earn me an “achievement unlock”! It’s good to have a set of goals to follow at such a point; I found myself going back to what’s waiting for me on the desk and decided to work on them a little to get back in the flow. This did help me get back to unfinished business and remedy the line of bare plastic that was judging me from the corner of the display cabinet. Find out what I’ve been up to the past few days after the jump.

There’s not a spectacular amount of updates today but still it makes for a nice segway to a weekend and a national holiday that follows. So without further ado, here’s the stuff you came for:

Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord

Not much to say here, other than the fact that I’m moving forward with dislodging the pieces that I want to use on the model. So far I have decided on the head (to be used with mild OSL on the eyes), the shoulderpads and the arms with weapons. I thought the idea of an axe with a plasma weapon for close quarters combat would be brutal enough the convey the right message. Then again I might be wrong about the ranged weapon and the Lord would be just a little less awesome. I’ll have to remember to drill out the gun barrel too. Clean-up is easier thanks to the Citadel Mouldline Remover I got from the US, no more scarring with the modeling knife or removing details. Recommended to anyone getting deeply involved with the hobby but it’s a luxury for starters. Here’s what the model looks like with tacks attached, posed as planned.

Chaos Space Marines Maulerfiend

This is a brute I want to tackle in a spare time where I get to work at longer periods than usual. The reason is that the gold I’m planning will be VLM again and I’d rather not deal with the cleaning process more times than necessary. I already foresee two sessions, one to coat properly and a second to correct errors, no need to add to that. The skin color is also something that bothers me a little, still not decided if I want to go with the Khornate red demonic look or go for a fleshy, beastly approach. Rakarth Flesh and Bugman’s Glow comes to mind. Let me know in the comments what would be more disturbing and I’ll try to apply it. Hell, it could also be Tzeentch aligned… so many choices!

Chaos Spawn

This is a project that continues to keep me in the design phase: there’s a lot of inspiration to draw from on the web and I already have some ideas about how I want to flesh them out, but the alternatives are just too nice to discard! Eventually I’ll be able to come up with a composition that I’ll be happy with but for now I’m cleaning mouldlines from the spare pieces I clip away. All there’s left of the sprues is the collection of eyes and smaller spines. I also have set the idea to paint at least one of the beasts in the flesh tones to show mutation; for the other I’m still trying to decide the color scheme.

I wonder how I'll clean up those smaller parts. I'm open to suggestions.

I wonder how I’ll clean up those smaller parts. I’m open to suggestions.

Chaos Daemons Nurglings

Now THAT is a project you thought I’d forgotten right? Wrong! I’ve really missed the laughing bastards and with the new Nurgle releases on GW I’m psyched to work on them again. My first thought was to work with shades over a white basecoat but I think I cannot replicate the idea unless I get super neat and either work with the airbrush again or apply a good white coat over the black after my primer. I’ll work with some variation on the models so I’m planning to prime, try out the different earth-toned base colors I acquired (Deathworld Forest and Bugman’s Glow, I’m looking at you!) and go from there. Basing is still something I’m trying to figure out, as the models have some sculpted rocks underneath that I may have to modify. We’ll see.

I missed those little rascals! Cleaning mouldlines took me some time. I also dented the bottoms to figure out which mounds come together correctly.

I missed those little rascals! Cleaning mouldlines took me some time. I also dented the bottoms to figure out which mounds come together correctly.

Speaking of WIPs waiting on my workbench I almost forgot that I fulfilled one of the items on my to-do-list! So here’s the first (and may I say, important) check off my list: Finished Dreadknight!

Feels good to have one!

Feels good to have one!

There. Working on parallel projects can be cool if you do it in moderation and have a clear goal. Let’s see if I can get the same flow going when the time comes to paint these beauties.

See you on the next one!


  1. Everything looking good as always Roemer. I love that mould line remover. I don’t know if I am using it right, but it seems to making my stuff look better over time :). You should do the nurlgings first. They look extremely fun to paint. Colors and fun would be a nice contrast to the knight!


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