Must Obliterate!

This weekend went way too fast and with little updates on the hobby front, but I did get to do work on some of the outstanding kits. What I’m looking forward to is the 1.5 day off at work due to the Republic Day of this glorious nation! Aside from the usual taking part in the parades I’m planning to make use of this time to get painting to clear off some kits from the table. Check out what I’ve been up to over the weekend after the jump.


They're barely as high as a Space Marine!

They’re barely as high as a Space Marine!

First off, my favorite demonkin. So far I have completely cleaned up all Nurgling piles of mould lines which means they’re ready for priming and painting right after I set them on paint sticks. I marked the bottoms again to see which pile needs what part. Aren’t they adorable?

Recommended to anyone who will put these babies together.

Recommended to anyone who will put these babies together.

Some of these Nurglings have interesting joining points. I’m pretty sure that GW wants us to paint them after assembly now that I see that some horns and arms have separated due to this design, however I’m not really keen on doing this. I’ll be painting each of the 3 pieces individually and then assemble them. Perhaps I can visually disguise the join lines after final assembly with some darker skin shades. The GW paint job on the online shop is quite stellar and I like that they used varying shades to introduce some much-needed variety. A good point to pick up from.

One problem I had here is that one of the horns broke off at some point during handling the models and I ran into it while clipping the pieces away. Not the end of the world and can be fixed with a bit of glue but still made me wince.

I'd like to sit down for a talk with the designer who thought it was a great idea to connect pieces on delicate parts. Genius!

I’d like to sit down for a talk with the designer who thought it was a great idea to connect pieces on delicate parts. Genius!

I also have seen something unusual, must be again a design flaw:

Chaos Space Marines Obliterators

"Argh my knee!"

“Argh my knee!”

OK, I’m pretty sure I’ll be marked a heretic (on modeller’s terms) for saying this but I’ll do it anyway. I love resin kits! They come neatly packaged, which was a refresher compared to the bare sprues in boxes in plastic kits.

When I first saw that the Obliterators and the Mutilators are Finecast I had my minute of doubt but once I saw the amount of detail on them I was instantly sold.

I'm a fan of scultped details, what can I say?

I’m a fan of sculpted details, what can I say?

Of course, the main reason people avoid Finecast like the plague is the notorious amount of miscasts, air bubbles and the general difficulty of working with resin. It is, after all very brittle to handle normally, acts as a serious irritant when in dust form (careful with sanding resin pieces) and requires some serious work to bring it back to shape. I consider myself lucky when I say that there’s little miscasting issues on my models and only a few broken pieces that are practically unavoidable during international shipping. Just have to be positive about this and perceive it as an extra challenge to be overcome. Here’s a few shots with errors and what I found is wrong with them.

The pieces are pretty static which allows for working with sub-assemblies. So I attached the torso to the legs. After washing with soap water, the pieces will be ready for pinning on cork caps for priming.

I also have some progress on the Chaos Terminator Lord but have no pictures of him at the moment. I’ll tackle this on the next update, hopefully with some paint slapped on. So, stay tuned for more Chaos goodies.


One comment

  1. Woo!!! Nurglings! I wouldn’t worry too much about the broken horn. It’s daemons. It’s perfectly natural to lose a few bits here and there :).

    As always, your prep work is inspirational. Definitely been stealing some of that inspiration in my own models as I scrape away. Thanks for that!

    Looking forward to all the wonderful paints you’re going to cover these models with!


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