Month: November 2014

Review: CSM Aspiring Champion

Here we go with a review on another brilliant kit! I have to admit that the model itself is not the hottest stuff on GW stores right now, I have a personal attachment to it and found it interesting enough to call for a full review. Find out what’s so exciting about the Aspiring Champion and a few WIP shots after the jump.


Weekend Hobby Goodies

Over the past two days I managed to put together the last members of the Warp Talons, mounted them on cork caps and they’re thus ready for primer. So time to wait for a comparatively nicer day, possibly the weekend, for a quick spraying session. I also took part in the first get-together-meetings those chaps at FigurinIstanbul organized. Check out some WIP shots of the bad boys and my Sunday pastime after the jump.


Tutorial: Wet Blending

12.01.2015 Update: I have put together a shorter version of this tutorial using Prezi. You can find it here

Welcome to the first tutorial on Roemer’s Workshop!

Today I’ll be sharing the technique I used for the force weapon effect on the commissioned Dreadknight model‘s Nemesis Greatsword. Wet blending can be used on a variety of places however it is generally used to apply NMM (non-metallic metal) effect on miniatures’ metallic parts: swords, armor plates, shields etc. This is a demanding yet rewarding technique for those who would like to improve their paint work. Hop in for a gander after the jump.


Strike from the Sky!

Back on track with the raiders from the Warp. I’m having a lot of fun with these guys, they’re such dynamic figures with quite a variety of bits to use. Not to mention the clean cast that came out of the box, I’m having hardly any difficulties with removing mould lines or fixing parts. I had my share of mould line crisis with the Bloodletters, but I digress. Find out what I’ve been up to over the weekend and what may yet be on the way after the jump.


A Flurry of WIPs

Another WIP post incoming! This time I’m tackling a variety of models from different ranges with mixed progress, so bear with me until we get to the good stuff! I finally had time to prime a few kits completely and making progress towards getting rid of boxes until winter hits for good. Check out my progress and new horizons after the jump!


WIP: CSM Obliterators #1

Quick but significant update today. I went back to the Obliterators to continue cleanup and assembly to the point where painting would not be prohibited. However I soon realized that the “short clean-up session” would turn into a much more complex situation. Check out my progress and struggle with these beauties after the jump.


WIP: Mutalith Vortexbeast #1

Here we go, the first WIP entry in the Vortexbeast project. The spare time from the weekend and the past holiday proved to be very fruitful indeed: I have completely assembled the model I will put together, cleaned the spares from the sprues and even assembled alternate heads and pieces for the Slaughterbrute in case I opt for magnetizing the beast. Check out the progress on this kit after the jump.