A Flurry of WIPs

Another WIP post incoming! This time I’m tackling a variety of models from different ranges with mixed progress, so bear with me until we get to the good stuff! I finally had time to prime a few kits completely and making progress towards getting rid of boxes until winter hits for good. Check out my progress and new horizons after the jump!

Alright, let’s start with the poster boys in this post:

Bloodletters of Khorne

Let the gates of hell be opened…

These guys are arguably my favorite daemons among all of Chaos’ many entities. Must be the Diablo-esque or better yet, biblical image they convey for what people think when they hear of a daemon. The studio paint job is great for them and I’ll follow a very similar path to these, probably add some flair to their swords with either the NMM or OSL techniques. But before anything of such sort can happen, I have to assemble them first!

Since the last time I made assemblies I’ve primed the readied Bloodletters except for the banner bearer. Have about 5-6 more to assemble and prime now. Shouldn’t be too difficult to put together until the weekend.

Vampire Counts Varghulf

Well that’s different. I was running through the web store one day and found this beauty as a suitable project for distraction. And different it proved to be! Let’s see why:

So that's why the box was so heavy!

So that’s why the box was so heavy!

Well, I was expecting a resin model when I first ordered it through my local supplier but instead got the metal version that is OOP. While it should pose no problems in building I was certainly very surprised to see this. Got a little anxious too, the last time I handled a metal model was when I has absolutely no idea about what mould-lines, bonding agents and pinning were about. Naturally, the first metal Ork Warboss with Attack Squig was a disaster for me… kept wondering why the arm fell off no matter how much superglue I applied! Those days are long gone and thanks to the internet there’s knowledge readily available on how to prepare metal models.

This will be a learning process for me for sure, as I’m not acquainted with metal minis. Prefer plastic and resin over these, but I hear that good casts in metal are unmatched in detail and model quality. Let’s see how this one turns out. So heavy!

Chaos Space Marines Raptors/Warp Talons

Strike from the skies!

Strike from the skies!

I wanted to save the favorite for the last (it’s also the last one I worked on). This optional kit comes in two sprues that are literally filled with bits to provide the base for either Raptors or Warp Talons. I’m a huge fan of close combat and the thought of huge clawed super soldiers materializing out of the Warp to slice enemies in two was just too appealing to pick Raptors!

Warp Talons all the way!

Warp Talons all the way!

The fluff goes well with the Night Lords CSM chapter, however I will incorporate these guys into my Black Legion force. Who knows, I might game with them in the future and I want to keep my options.

First I did a little damage assessment of the sprues as there’s a TON of spiky bits for these guys. Talons, foot spikes, horns, claws, you name it. Sadly I had a few damaged pieces in the sprues so I’ll have to work on them for corrections.

Each Warp Talon is made up of around 15 pieces. The bases and the legs come attached but those who want modifications can separate one from another easily with a nice blade. The pieces, especially for jetpack “wings” and mêlée arms seem to be set on sprues in pairs. So it may be a good idea to remove them from the sprue as each model’s turn comes rather than removing all pieces and mixing and matching like in other troop boxes.

There we go. I do not have the pictures yet but priming has been completed for some Bloodletters, the Trygon and the Vortexbeast. I’m going to correct the primer on the Nurglings with the next spray batch, so those will be waiting until the weekend.

See you on the next post, which I hope to have a different flair than usual. Stay tuned!



  1. Wow! Those warp talons have an unbelievable amount of bitz on them. Lots of room for characterization on them.

    On the metal model…make sure to wash it. Don’t go through greg’s sad phase of painting 3/4 of a model then having bits of paint start flecking off, cause there was oil on the metal somewhere and the primer didn’t adhere completely. (handle with gloves until primed!). That’s my only tip after watching my inquisitor come to pieces. Could have just been my primer that day…but I’m super paranoid now!


    1. Oh you bet! Let’s say I’ve learned my lesson after the Warboss. Even skin contact is detrimental to primer! It’s good that I have a steady supply of surgical gloves for handling such delicate pieces.

      Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll initiate the last step in the long list of outstanding WIPs, so priming and painting can begin in earnest.


  2. Great to see you are still going strong with modelling. You have an impressive number of projects going and your progress is notable. All the clean-up work on the models is no laughing matter!

    I assembled a box of Bloodletters once and boy are you correct. They are loaded with mold lines everywhere! I am glad you are going through all the trouble to remove them from all the fingers and small details. It goes a long way in making them look even more striking.

    Metal models can be pretty difficult to deal with. While they can be hard to trim and assemble I rather like metal models. They are rarely plagued with horrendous miscasts and are often very well detailed. As such I have come to like metal models better than resin ones, ha ha. Good luck continuing to work on the Varghulf! The metal GW uses on their models is much hard than that used by other companies (Corus Belli, Antimatter Games, etc) so it is even more challenging.


    1. Indeed it has become a daunting task to finish off the stuff I started but I’m thinking of adding even more to this batch before I hit the point where I can’t spray outdoors.

      I’m pretty much the nemesis of mould lines and thus couldn’t resist removing them. Besides I try to push to the limit in painting quality and you just can’t make do with an unclean model like that!

      For metal models I think I’m going to learn as I go, so hopefully the Varghulf will not turn out to be a mess! I hear that Pegaso models also have quality metal casts if larger figures is your kind of thing.

      Thanks for dropping by Adam!


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