Strike from the Sky!

Back on track with the raiders from the Warp. I’m having a lot of fun with these guys, they’re such dynamic figures with quite a variety of bits to use. Not to mention the clean cast that came out of the box, I’m having hardly any difficulties with removing mould lines or fixing parts. I had my share of mould line crisis with the Bloodletters, but I digress. Find out what I’ve been up to over the weekend and what may yet be on the way after the jump.

I started out with the champion to single out the best looking bits for him. As mentioned before I took the legs with the broken Space Marine helmet, an intimidating set of claws and the champion head off the sprue and worked from there. I also had to repair one of the shoulder pads, so I attached the broken Chaos star onto the trim. Can’t have our champion miss its trinkets!

As said, lots of fun.I’ll try to finish up this batch in the coming weekend as I got a few business trips in the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the posting schedule I set for myself, but work isn’t really helping in that regard!

Here’s a parting shot of the rest of the Bloodletters which took most of my attention this weekend. I still can’t believe 5 daemons could take up hours of work just to assemble!

I really don't want to see a mould line between fingers again.

I really don’t want to see a mould line between fingers again.



  1. I think I Would have just ignored the mould lines in the fingers. 🙂 I’m still learning though, so tend to be a big “oafish” in my removing lines. I wonder if I do more damage then good sometimes! Well at least it’s orks, it just adds character!

    Love the warp talon guys…they are just so epicly covered in bits. What fun that will be to paint…though probably also a bit aggravating, as you’ll spend so much time and only finish a tiny section!


    1. Never ignore mould lines! They’ll bite you later.

      I miss the times I was painting orks. Seriously, so much more surface to work the paint on. I should get back to the ones I primed and maybe give them another go.

      The Warp Talons may be the second best mini I like in the CSM line, right after the Aspiring Champion. Oh how much fun I’ll have with THAT one…

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