Weekend Hobby Goodies

Over the past two days I managed to put together the last members of the Warp Talons, mounted them on cork caps and they’re thus ready for primer. So time to wait for a comparatively nicer day, possibly the weekend, for a quick spraying session. I also took part in the first get-together-meetings those chaps at FigurinIstanbul organized. Check out some WIP shots of the bad boys and my Sunday pastime after the jump.

One thing I’m struggling with when it comes to Space Marine models (loyalist or traitor, no difference here) is fitting the shoulder pad to the arms. It just doesn’t work the way I want it to look or somehow, somewhere I make an error in judgement and the whole thing looks… wrong. I had such a moment when I was assembling the Talons.

Here’s a look at the team, ready for primer. I tacked the shoulder pads to their owners’ cork caps and numbered the jetpacks and bodies. I’ll later stick the pads on a piece of masking tape so that they don’t fly off during a session.

Yesterday I met the gentlemen who organized the first figure painter enthusiast meeting. It was a good turnout for the first of such events with a lot of model ideas shared. A few actually painted a model on the spot! Gotta love wet palettes I guess.

Good times. Take a look at more of their work at FigurinIstanbul, these guys are veterans at this!

Here’s a teaser pic for the next update in this corner. I just couldn’t resist opening the package and tackling the model.

Crushed Necron? This guy must be a badass!

Crushed Necron? This guy must be a badass!



  1. Funny you mentioning the shoulder pads. Its a common problem and I have got round it by using green stuff. As you mentioned they never fit and even if you do manage it they drop after 2 days after gluing them in place. I put a small amount green stuff between the pad and shoulder so it acts like a cushion and just looks a lot better than an ill fitting shoulder pad. I also pin larger shoulder pads so there is a bit of metal running through the pad, through the green stuff and into the shoulder. Its more time and hassle but I don’t get shoulder pads dropping off, sliding and just looking rubbish in general 🙂
    The figure painting get together looks really good 🙂


    1. Good to see I’m not the only one suffering from these pesky bits. Then I’ll make sure to work some GS on pads I feel look awkward and work from there. Luckily the models will be primarily for display so there will be minimal amount of handling. Thus I’m not worried about parts dropping off, however if it looks as if the marine just slapped in on like velcro then I need to get to business to fix it.


  2. Nice to see progress on these guys. They are one of the best looking CSM models in the entire lineup.

    The enthusiast group meetup? That is AWESOME! What a cool idea. I’m so surprised everyone just carts those works of art around though!


    1. Yeah, they were very brave I suppose. I mean the waiters in the place where not particularly careful around the models and it’s pretty much a miracle that no harm came to them during the meeting.

      Then again, the team is experienced in lugging these beauties across painting events so I guess they were fine with fixing damages or were just pretty sure of their cases. They had these custom made cases that I really liked, I should look into those for display models.

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  3. Great to see the Warp Talons are progressing well! Properly attaching shoulder pads can often become an issue when trying to pose a marine with their arms held upward. They can be really tricky to get right. If you ever worked with any of the Forge World terminator shoulder pads you will run into the same issue. Greenstuff work is probably the best option.

    Awesome to see your painting get-together! Looks to be a great idea. Great for inspiration. You look to have quite the talented group too!


    1. I checked the Talons one last time yesterday and indeed they’ll need rework to look OK. I hope I won’t destroy the beautiful models outright…

      The team really is experienced and the work they put out was a little daunting to behold. But it’s great to see that people are interested in the hobby and can put a good deal of effort to their minis.


      1. Don’t think of it as daunting so much, as somewhere to aspire too. Everyone always starts at the same place, and one day (probably quite soon), you’ll be the one everyone is daunted by when they see your mini’s!


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