Tally the Men!

As the cover page suggests I’ve assembled yet another kit but this time I couldn’t make it to the priming session. I feel like I’m hitting the mark when spraying outside will be impossible due to winter conditions and I’ll be able to focus on painting stuff individually. But before that happens, I wanted to work on the kits that need some putty work and get as many of them ready as possible. Check out the progress thus far and a tally of waiting models after the jump.

The weather report insisted that we were supposed to get nice sunshine during Saturday but instead it turned into a precursor of a large rainstorm with lots of clouds and a few droplets that scared me a bit. However with a quick burst of the primer can I covered all the assembled models that needed primer and now I’m good to go with them. There is the occasional area that did not get hit by the can but that’s of very little concern since I have a healthy supply of Abaddon Black stashed.

I finally managed to assemble the Spawn after much deliberation. There are just so many pieces to pick from! But I made up my mind and put the two together. Now I need to correct errors with Green Stuff and they will be ready for primer.

And with that I have brought together a huge pile of minis already primed or ready for priming and painting. These are:

  • Maulerfiend
  • Trygon
  • Mutalith Vortexbeast
  • CSM Terminator Lord
  • Warp Talons
  • Bloodletters of Khorne
  • Nurglings
  • Possessed Marines

I was planning on adding the Aspiring Champion, the Spawn, Obliterators and the Varghulf to this list but that didn’t happen as some of the kits require a bit more planning and Green Stuff work which I don’t want to rush. They’re small enough to be primed by brush if I get to them during the hard times. With around 30 different models to prime and paint I think I’ll have enough on my hands to last through winter! And that should change the palette of this corner here for good before the end of the year. Was getting bored of the bare plastic grey and black primer anyhow.

For some of the kits in the list I want to put together step by step painting tutorials as well. This should work just as much for me too since it’s a great way of keeping track of my paint scheme. So stay tuned and watch out for updates in this corner!


  1. You make me feel better about my “to-do” lists. 🙂

    That is quite a lot of projects in your holster!

    The spawn are hard to make out which bits are which…must of been quite a challenge picking which ones to attach and fiddle with…its like every tyranid kit I look at…which spiky thing goes where??

    I’m really excited about you diving into these kits with paint!


  2. The Chaos Spawn kit was one of the first 40k models I bought, back when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so was just buying cool stuff. Since my Necrons love has blossomed, though, that kit has been sat on the shelf untouched – though I think your blog might have inspired me! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for paint schemes, anyway!


    1. I admit the kit is not as super awesome as I’ve pitched it in my previous posts I came to like the fact that there’s so many options to pick from to make the ultimate grotesque creature of Chaos. What would a Chaos model be without mutations?

      The tentacled one on the left will have largely fleshy colors as I’ve got my inspiration from the GW store page (for some reason they took down that pic on the 40k side, still up on WH Fantasy). The other I’m not sure yet, maybe a rapidly shifting color scheme to reflect the Nurgle green, Tzeentch blue and the Slaanesh pink. And red tentacles. I feel like I can’t go wrong with it, which is the best part.

      I am in love with the tomb stalker and other Canoptek aligned models like the Wraiths. Might pick some up in the future but I really need to get stuff painted before that!


  3. Hi- apologies if this isn’t exactly the place to ask, but I found your (excellent) blog looking for examples of both the Forgefiend assembly process and working with sub-assemblies during painting, and you have by far the best documentation of both I’ve ever seen. I do have a very basic question, though- what method are you using to glue your painted pieces? Masking, scraping away primer, some combination of the two? Superglue, or is it ever worthwhile to use poly cement? I’m just starting to dive into sub-assembly painting and I’m finding it difficult to give up the dependability of plastic glue…


    1. Hey Ryan, thanks for stopping by!

      What I do after all the paint job is finished is either scrape the connection points and apply plastic cement (to fuse the parts) or simply use superglue if the sub-assembly pieces are not too heavy. In my Heldrake example the wings are really heavy and need to have the cement in place, but for troops you can probably get away with the superglue.

      Hope this helps!


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