Workshop Update: December 2014

A change of pace at the Workshop here. Instead of project WIP announcements this time I’d like to share some other items of interest. If I can keep this up I may be able to turn this into a monthly update post on ongoing projects as well as events and activities I’m considering for the immediate future. Not sure how this will affect the pace I set for myself in the goal post but this is certainly going to be exciting on its own. Find out my (ever-changing) plans for the immediate future after the jump.

Massive Voodoo’s Bananalicious Painting Contest Episode 2

Let’s start with the event that graces the cover picture. This is the second episode in what seems to turn into a traditional, annual contest for all participants regardless of skill. You can find the rules for participation in this link if interested, alternately just the banner I’ve placed in the side which will stay up for the duration of the event.

Personally I think this is the perfect proving ground for budding miniature enthusiasts since the judges themselves are highly accomplished artists (MV’s very own Roman and Raffa, go check them out if you haven’t already!) with multiple years of experience and universal acclaim be it Games Days, Golden Daemons other painting contests I have failed to remember here – a valuable resource for those seeking advice and want to have some fun while completing projects that are gathering dust. While I’m not 100% sure about which projects I’d consider for this event (for my category I have to put in 3 displays – read the rules!) but one thing is certain, I’ll be taking part in it and I recommend everyone to consider joining in. The categories you can participate in have been divided into master and standard level, be sure to check the previous event’s pics to figure out which suits your level of painting. I myself am considering standard category, the last years winners are quite humbling already – you can also find the winner galleries on the contest page.

FigurinIstanbul’s “Random Encounter” Contest

random encounter

Previous to the Bananalicious contest FigurinIstanbul proposed a friendly painting competition among figure painters in the group. No material reward per se, the feedback received during WIP posts and the C&C at the judging in the end (by other Random Encounter painters) are rewards on their own. Naturally I couldn’t resist and dived in.

This mini is a vastly different piece to tackle compared to the other projects I’m working on, simply due to the scale of it. It is a 54mm figure versus the regular 28mm models by Games Workshop. This lends itself very well to using detailed layering and blending techniques on the various flat surfaces (arms, clothing and skin comes to mind) and should prove rather easy to tackle for a regular mini. That said, I don’t want to treat this as a regular mini at all! This is why I want to approach this with a little more detail than usual and put into this my absolute best in painting ability. The model is on its way and should be arriving next week the latest so expect a review post by that time. Also I’ll try to put together a step-by-step tutorial for this mini if all goes well.

For those interested, here’s the shop page for the miniature.

Games Workshop Christmas Goodies

Not gonna lie here, I have pretty much failed in the primary goal in my earlier goals entry, so I’ll have to strike that off some time. I caved in and ordered a bunch of minis and goodies from Games Workshop and other miniature companies. What can I say, I’m a painting butterfly through and through. But I digress!

Shield of Baal: Deathstorm


The kit is a starter set much akin to the Warhammer: Isle of Blood and WH40k: Dark Vengeance sets and contains 2 unique figures again like the Dark Vengeance set for the Tyranid and Blood Angels armies. This is part of the new Tyranid and the expected Blood Angels releases that we have seen in the past month. I admit I’m not keen on the fluff here however as a hobbyist this kit is a figurative treasure trove of goodies for me.

This is a limited release sale related to Black Friday and thus time is of the essence. I have to stress the fact that the collection is a very good deal to get cheap miniatures in one package for a much lower price than their retail sum (close to £200 versus £75). At a rate of £3 per miniature this box really is a bargain for all interested and especially valuable for Tyranid and Blood Angels collectors.

As with the other major releases I’ve acquired, expect to read an unboxing review on this when it arrives. Link to minis here.

Citadel Project Box and Cutting Mat

project box

The other item I got is part of the Christmas sale release. On initial reviews on the web people claim it’s just another overpriced plastic box GW has packaged, but from what I see on the review video it will serve my needs well. Currently I keep all of my tools and other stuff in a Battleforce box and I’m not convinced it’s a good idea especially because I’m using fragile brushes. I cannot speak in earnest before I get my hands on it, so I’ll save my final verdict until I post my review on this. I added the cutting mat that fits with the box to the package.


This is it for today’s update. Hopefully I’ll be able to put together a nice collection of project updates for the coming month and year. See you next time!



  1. Awesome Roemer. Gives me a bit of happiness to know my fellow bloggers have the same addictions I do. I just threw a tau broadside in my wishlist for xmas…just because I always wanted one!


    1. If by addiction you mean the constant new purchases, well yes I’m glad to share it with you! I keep telling this but GW isn’t helping… at all. And now there’s talk of Smaug the Terrible incoming. I’m definitely gonna go poor because of this.

      Tau on Feedyournerd… looking forward to it! It’s a drastically different style compared to orks, all those edge highlights require meticulous brush work. I’m sure you’ll manage!


      1. I’m actually painting…
        Dark Eldar in the next few weeks for xmas surprises :).

        Mostly drybrush work (trying to match their styles, but greg’d up), but should be a nice change!

        For Tau I want to pull from robotech!


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