WIP: Tyranid Trygon #1

Starting the week with a short but significant update today. I took the time to start painting the Trygon in the Hivefleet Leviathan color scheme and naturally the light colors gave me a little trouble. Check out the progress with a few WIP shots after the jump.

The Leviathan color scheme focuses on a cream-colored skin with purple highlighted carapace and red talons. With the colors I now have the bone, skin and talon parts are covered. Hopefully by the time I get the color range for purple and blue I’ll be able to tackle the chitin as well. I must say I had real coverage trouble with the lighter colors largely due to the fact that I’ve used a black primer. It was a valuable lesson however in seeing how different base colors allow lighter colors to settle on a model, especially the ones that have a lot of transparency.

Other than this I once again took out the Foldio to make a few test shots for the Trygon tutorial page I’m preparing. With the feeble camera phone I took a few photos from different distances and see now that the best way to represent colors as we see in daylight is with both LEDs on and using a white (almost cream actually) background. Here’s a few shots of the black matt primed Trygon to show the difference.

It seems that the black background on the far left will be a good choice to prepare display quality shots for the showcase model. Here’s to hoping that we won’t have to wait long for the finished model now!



  1. Roemer,
    Have you thought about trying a grey primer? I’ve started doing that on my characters, and leaving the black to vehicles. (though I might still do grey myself for ork vehicles for brighter colors).

    With something like this model, you might even get away with priming the bottom grey, and the top black :).


    1. I get this comment very often and am actually considering it. I might be doing that for the Space Hulk minis actually – those Tyranids come in the deepest purple plastic colors and black will be hard to spot on them I reckon.

      Is there a specific brand you use? I’m quite fond of Vallejo for the blacks and am wondering if there are alternatives to it.


      1. I’ve currently been experimenting with vallejo’s grey primer. I’m liking it so far, it’s a pretty light grey though. I like it better then white, as I never have luck with white primers.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Faenwulf! The two color priming (I assume you use white overspray on black) is one of the things I’d like to try out some time. Of course, first I need to get a new primer can!

      The tutorial may take some time as I’m notoriously slow with my models. But I guess it will turn out nice at the end and will be worth the wait. Updating as I go with the mini. When I display the showcase post, it won’t be long before I post it on Tutorial Thursday.


    1. That Carnifex looks great! Very nice application of the Leviathan scheme. Is the skin drybrushed in the end?

      I was scared of running into problems with the recesses so decided to paint the subassemblies like this.


      1. Yes, it was very simple to do. Primed it white, inked it Druchii violet, drybrushed Screaming Skull (heavier than I normally would, though being careful not to be too aggressive and undo the Violet undertones), and a much lighter Skull White highlight drybrush.

        After that I started attacking the carapace with Nagarroth, but with the white primer it took 2 coats to get good coverage. I’d rather spend the time there to get something darker than to get the light stuff lighter.

        But that’s based on my very, VERY limited experience. I’m working on the Broodlord right now and some genestealers. I’ll post some WIP sometime after this weekend 🙂

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