Challenge of Painting

Small update for the beginning (more or less) of the week. The new year started slowly for the hobby department when it comes to the workshop. As you can see I’m still trying to shape out the Tyranid Trygon I’ve been working on for some time here, but every day I’m meeting new challenges. And then there’s the daunting mountain of models that stay primed and beg for attention. Hopefully I’ll be able to switch to new projects once the Trygon is finished. More WIP pictures and a little bonus after the jump.

I probably mentioned this before, but painting lighter colors on a large surface is quite a challenge. Having Hivefleet Leviathan as a theme means that aside from the red weapons and purple carapace I’ll have a very large surface of cream or white to apply as skin. So far I have held 2-3 short sessions of thin paint application on the skin areas with a broad brush and have accumulated a good 7-8 coats of paint just to get the base color right. While painting the lower body I made some mistakes in lining with the main shade color which I had to correct (still working on it, the damage looks extensive), and that took a lot of time. But the main problem was keeping all the painted areas clean enough to have the smooth surface!

So, yeah. It’s becoming frustrating to work with the lighter color but it’s also a nice challenge to paint under such circumstances with the brush. It’s obvious I would have an easier time with an airbrush but I wanted to keep things consistent across the model. Thus, a large brush, thinner and lots of patience for each session. I’ll get there slowly.

I also wanted to distract myself with some other brush work so I laid down the base red for my Bloodletters and the claws on the Trygon. Seeing some other spot colors eases my mind.

Needless to say that needs another layer to be solid red.

Needless to say that needs another layer to be solid red.

What got me distracted from the hobby this weekend? General procrastination mostly but I also spent an entire day skiing in Uludag, which turned out to be a blast for me, my wife and my buddy from high school! Now that’s time well spent.

This week is hectic work-wise but towards the end of it I may have some time to spend on the minis and at least have things moving towards reaching my targets. I still have to think about the Bananalicious and Random Encounter events I planned out, so have my hands full. And that, I think is a good thing.



  1. Have you thought about priming in multiple colors? I think the trygon would have been really useful to prime in different shades. Would have really cut down on your cream color work!


    1. The only primers in spray form I have are gray and black… and I’m refraining from using the airbrush at the moment.

      Do you mean a cream color can like those made by Army Painter etc?


      1. I used a chaos black primer on the stompa, followed by some vallejo grey primer to add some tones. The grey color really helped with brightening the browns. I imagine going with a really light primer (such as a light grey) on a future nid in this scheme might help with your cream colors.

        Of course, using an airbrush would make this an easier affair. I assume you have the same issue I do…temps.

        I just ordered a oil radiator for my garage and a vent system so I can keep using the airbrush when its below freezing. We’ll see if it works!

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      2. I died a little inside when you mentioned the garage… you know the base I work with for the models. I envy you.

        But kidding and crying aside I’m seriously thinking of never using the black primer on light schemes again, at least on this scale. In all honesty I had acquired the gray primer after I started work on the Trygon, so I’ll have to wait for the next large model that’ll have a light scheme. Thinking of a Dakkajet or a ‘naut sometime.

        More distractions from the WIP mountain!


      3. Mine is only partially insulated and has a draft, so it’s not perfect…but it does have a little window that I can vent the airbrush out. Will hopefully have an article on that soon, so everyone can suggest changes to the setup!

        misterjustin (i know I quote him alot, but he’s the only mini teacher I’ve had thus far!), only uses grey for all his stuff, because it’s easier to go lighter or darker. black appears really good for dry brushing metallics, but not so much if you are doing NMM or TMM.


      4. Airbrush is a good investment I give you that. I just don’t think I’d ever use it for anything other than basecoating or OSL’ing weapons.

        Got really used to the black primer up to now but I will definitely give the new primer a go in a new model… maybe test it on some of my orks.

        For now I’ll have to be patient and work with the black primer, very happy with the coverage and general sturdiness of the Vallejo product.


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