WIP: Death Company Dreadnought #1

The full assembly of the latest project is done! I have to say the Blood Angels Death Company Dreadnought turned out to be a lot more fun than I imagined, I guess it’s the perfect size between a giant mech like the Dreadknight and the regular Space Marines that makes this a breeze to work with. I opted for a full close quarters fighter and will try to apply some battle damage during the paint job, but I hear it’s quite difficult to pull off correctly for a primarily black color scheme. We’ll see how it goes. Now working on the Prezi for the assembly of this little kit, stay tuned for more!

In other news my self-healing cutting mat has arrived yesterday on the post, which is in and on itself a relief. It fits beautifully on the Project Box but is loose. To fasten it I used four pieces of UHU Patafix on the corners which seem to have stabilized it for the moment. Here are a few shots of the cutting mat, I think the design is pretty cool.



  1. I love walkers, as you know. To me they are the best part about 40k. I think it’s because I grew up with robotech and battletech, and just love giant walking death machines!

    Did you ever contact GW about your hobby box? I love the orks on the mat!


    1. Sadly I didn’t, I’ve been lazy about customer support to be honest. Besides, I kinda think it’s just me overstuffing the box to warp like that.

      I have a soft spot for walkers too, I’m a huge Mechwarrior fan. It’s actually a miracle I’m not buying a bunch of Sentinels from the Imperial Guard range.


      1. Oh you will be buying some armored sentinels. Don’t act like it hasn’t been in your cart! I’m already eyeing the Meka-dread. It’s the only one I don’t have! Might as well finish my collection 😛


      2. You know the oddest thing? My wife is a total fan of the rickety ork vehicles and has been asking for a Bommer or a ‘naut for some time. I just might bring out my inner ork in the future.

        But I want to play by the book and finish up the WIPs first… it will be a massive relief when all these numbered posts turn into showcases and I can populate the “coming soon”!


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