Random Encounter Progress and The Call of the Waaagh!

This past weekend turned out to be quite an opportunity to work on some long overdue stuff and dabble in even more new kits. As can be seen from the featured image I’m trying to get the skin tones done on the dwarf and I think I’m going in the correct direction. I doubt I’ll make it to the deadline of this Friday with still the many many folds of cloth and the NMM weapon remaining but I’ll try to do my best. Not to mention there’s a base that needs my attention as well! Find out what I’ve put together after the jump.

Here are a few shots I’m preparing for the Random Encounter! tutorial, which I haven’t seen as often as the GW kits around. I hope this will help others as I’m learning a lot from my notes too. You’ll notice I’ve changed my primer for this model and I’m quite pleased with it. I used the Vallejo Grey (!) primer which covered the model perfectly after a couple of mists and really lets my lighter colors shine on the model.

I also picked up some Killa Kans for my wife’s birthday. It’s really fascinating that while the concept of Warhammer40k is a little alien to her (I do try to corrupt her from time to time with Horus as my guide) she is really fond of the rickety nature of the Ork vehicles. While I was browsing the web for models she saw the Gorkanaut with the garish yellows and said “hey, this one’s cool!”. What can I say, this time the distraction came in the form of a birthday present to her!

I can already hear Greg giggling.

My first impression of the kit was that there are so many pieces to wade through to get a Kan assembled I was quite lost to begin with. Besides, it was a little confusing to see that the sprues were numbered but there was nothing mentioned in the manuals.

All Kans’ sub-assemblies and flair are cleaned up and ready for primer, I just need to make some time to get them painted. Let’s see how long that will take me. Sorry, no pics of the other Kans as they were stubborn and couldn’t stand even with tacks on all parts.

Finally, I made room for some down time by the sea to step away from deadlines and the stress of work. Works like a charm, recommended! This should get me going for the final push both at work and in the hobby department, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a week without hiccups.

Weather in January couldn't get better!

Weather in January couldn’t get better!



  1. Wooooo! Killa kans :). To get an idea of how big a stompa is…the turret on his shoulder is the size of the body of the killa kan :).

    I have nine killa kans. Just love the models. The ork walkers are what got me into 40k in the first place!


    1. I knew you’d get a kick out of this post, one way or the other!

      The Kans are really fun to assemble and impressed me to no end when it comes to variety of parts. I’ll definitely have loads of fun here.

      Next up I might get a Bommer but first I gotta finish up the backlog. The blending session for the Random Encounter! really got my painting juices flowing, so this can only be a good thing!


  2. Thanks for the update! Looks like you are making great progress! The dwarf is progressing nicely. I really like what you have done with the skin tones. Do you think a really dilute wash would tie some of the different colors together?

    Nice to hear about the Vallejo Grey primer. I might have to try it out!

    I love the plastic Killa Kanz! They have do have tons of components. I assembled three of them a few years back (http://ere-we-go.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-second-post-has-been-long-time-in.html). I converted two more rocket launchers for them using those from the plastic ork Deffdread. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to see you around Adam!

      I’m having mixed feelings about the skin tone as I think I overdid the purple shadows. Might work on that at a later time when I actually have some spare time to paint!

      The Grey Primer worked beautifully and helps a lot in popping the brighter colors, definitely.

      I’m loving the Kans. Everything about them screams “orky”. And that can never be a bad thing!


  3. I think you achieved a very realistic skintone with subtle variations and nice defining shadows. I would not say it is too purple. Especially when seen at some distance it really looks the part.


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