Month: February 2015

Showcase: Fascinations Metal Earth Tiger I Tank

Very short post with lots of visuals today. I finished the rest of the Tiger yesterday and took some multi-angle photos… turned out nice for a “challenging” class model as my first time dealing with the model. Here’s some last WIP shots of the tracks… which took almost as long to assemble the rest of the model.

Lots of rounded surfaces and the tracks themselves made it a little difficult. To avoid unseemly bends I used rounded objects like spare brushes and my scalpel to run over the pieces. Worked like a charm. I also had to change the blade on the knife – it got dulled to a point where it would harm models rather than clean them. Take a look:

I guess the difference is obvious.

I guess the difference is obvious.

I also had a moment of heart attack when I saw an error on the model:

Can you see what's wrong?

Can you see what’s wrong?

The 3rd wheel from the right was attached wrongly and the wheels that were supposed to align on them… did not. I had to carefully remove the part and reassemble. Almost broke a piece. In the end, it all worked well.

Here’s the signature eight-pointed-sta… I mean shots of the model. Enjoy!

And lastly, a size comparison with some elements of the 41st millennium:

I guess Xasf could incorporate this into his WH40k campaign where our world is actually not Terra... and we get visited by the Imperium!

I guess Xasf could incorporate this into his WH40k campaign where our world is actually not Terra… and we get visited by the Imperium! That Terminator could very well be lifting the hatch of the tank!

I refrained from taking shots with the Foldio as all pics came out super-shiny, obstructing detail. I’ll try to add some when I fix the lighting and the pics themselves.

Hope you enjoyed this and see you next week!

Review: Fascinations Model Earth – Tiger I Tank

Today I’m taking a look at a very different kind of model to take a little breather from the Warhammer and WH40k universe. The Tiger I Tank by Fascinations‘ Model Earth series has been a blast to assemble thus far and I’m sure I’ll have some challenging times that will give me a few droplets of sweat when I come close to completion. Hop in to see what I think about the kit.


WIP: Space Hulk Genestealers #1

Finally some significant progress on the hobby front! I found plenty of time with friends to work on some models (still no painting though, naughty me) and this time I tackled the Space Hulk Genestealers. Hop in to see what I’ve been up to.


Side Projects

February has been a slow month in┬áthe hobby front for me. Sometimes it’s work, other times it’s procrastination getting the best of me but in the end the result is the same: little time spent on substantial things and increasing the number of WIP projects. This weekend has been no different – I put off a lot of my backlog in favor of another kit out of whim. Check out some visuals of this new endeavor after the jump.


Necrons Awakening

Your favorite workshop is open once again after a week of silence. And what a week it was! Between business and sickness I got very little time to spend on the miniatures and deadlines came-a-knockin’. I picked up yet another kit, this time for a birthday and prepared it for primer over the weekend. Lastly I touched up the Spawn in preparation for the primer session but I guess I’ll have to retouch that as well. Check out my progress with the minis after the jump. (more…)