Necrons Awakening

Your favorite workshop is open once again after a week of silence. And what a week it was! Between business and sickness I got very little time to spend on the miniatures and deadlines came-a-knockin’. I picked up yet another kit, this time for a birthday and prepared it for primer over the weekend. Lastly I touched up the Spawn in preparation for the primer session but I guess I’ll have to retouch that as well. Check out my progress with the minis after the jump.

I had quite a bit of hobby down-time with the arrival of some important business trips that made me travel across a few cities and following that I got really sick. Even started something like a mini pandemic across friends and family. Nurgle’s blessings it seems. I did manage to recover in the past weekend but this time I had blessed her with my plague so she needed some looking after. It did serve as a change of pace of sorts for me as it was a cycle of going between work and hobby for the past few weeks. The weekend before I got really sick we had a nice little birthday party for my wife and during that we even found some time to play a few Warhammer40k related card games during the party.

Magic the Gathering in WH40k? Yes please!

Magic the Gathering in WH40k? Yes please!

Moving on. As mentioned I picked up a new kit, this time the Lychguard of the Necrons for Xasf and over the course of the weekend prepared all pieces for primer, mounting the subassemblies on cork. I seem to have neglected the picture phase for this so here I have an awkward shot for you that shows my drill points. The Necron figures are really delicate and I have to say the plastic I’ve worked with is the softest I’ve ever seen. With the large sprue connections on the shields I nearly warped all of the pieces during clipping before I realized how soft the material was!

I foresee that the force weapons and the grey/white heads will be especially fun to blend.

I also took out my LGS to finally fix the join lines on my Spawn and started to apply it generously with an old brush. However it seems the material shrinks quite a bit while it cures so I still have some gaps that need rework in the coming days. Oh well, let’s see how this one goes.

Here’s the duo last time I left them on my “bench”:

Here they are after the rework. I was quite generous with my pot but perhaps this was a task better suited for the actual Green Stuff. Lazy me.

That’s all for now, let’s see if I can manage a few more WIP posts during the week. I’m anxious to finish the Random Encounter mini as well as the entries for Bananalicious… deadlines come before you even know what hit you!


  1. Hurrah for Lychguard! They’re without a doubt my favourite kit that I’ve come across so far. I’ve had that problem with the dispersion shields too, sadly! Glad to hear you’re all feeling better anyway – what did you think of Conquest?!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes and thanks for dropping by!

      I’m very fond of the Lychguard too but I think the creepiest looking models are from the Canoptek range, especially the Wraiths. Since I couldn’t find them in the store close to me, I opted for the kit that’s sound also in gaming standards.

      Conquest is fun and thought provoking – I especially like the dynamic battleground system that makes you think of dominating strategically or achieving resource victory by controlling systems one by one. Each race seems balanced (I played CSM vs Ultramarines and watched a game of Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard) and with different mechanics. Xasf was kind enough to provide the most up to date game with its expansions so yeah, it was quite fun to play.

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