WIP Update: Week 2 of March 2015

All right! Here’s the first week of me attempting a new format with the WIP posts. When I checked back with the previous entries I saw that the pattern was getting really stale especially with additional projects popping up. Besides, I’m getting tired of setting up titles like “WIP: xxxx #1”, so I’ll try to summarize progress on the minis I’m focusing on the most (since I’m a pretty hobby butterfly and can’t keep my focus on a project for too long it seems) every week. This week I’ve also added a list that shows the entire WIP line here at once, so that could become a checklist for me. Hop in and see what fruits the past few weekends (especially the last one) bore after the jump.

Let’s break this down in terms of progress done.

Random Encounter!

Very little update aside from the priming of the base. Looking at the model I feel like I should correct a few places on the skin before moving to the other parts of this mini. The base itself will be a different story entirely.


This will be an interesting challenge for painting. Gotta think of clever bases.

This will be an interesting challenge for painting. Gotta think of clever bases.

All models ready for primer. Aside from the banner-bearer, the “sergeant” and the musician it’s all basic stuff. Some posing around. Did not attach weapon arms on most models as the pose would prevent me from reaching odd places here and there. I’m especially fond of the guy licking his sword/dagger. Not to mention the Nurgling pulling some Tallyman’s innards!


All set for painting as well. This was planned as a birthday gift but got horribly late and Xasf already knows of the debacle… so I’m taking my time with this to get a good outcome. Bases will be desert-themed. Primed the base, arms and bodies black whereas the heads are grey since they’ll be white predominantly.


Finally started these little guys this past weekend. Now I’m testing the scheme on the first mound and trying to see if I’m working with glazes correctly. So far so good. Planning a dark rocky base which I’ll splash with Nurgle’s Rot everywhere. That will be fun.

Space Hulk

Saving the best for the last! Yes, I’m partial to Space Hulk like that. I primed the Genestealers completely. The tighter areas definitely will cause problems but I’ll get used to it. Besides, I can always leave heavily recessed areas dark to show shadows. I also prepared the Terminators for priming. Planning grey for these guys as I want the bloody red to pop, with orange-y highlights. Nice and bright. Stepping away from the GW approach, I drilled the stormbolters with a 1.5mm drill. I think it would be more intimidating than the standard 1mm bolter barrel. Now I need to think of the join lines on Sergeant Lorenzo, as his cloak needs a lot of green stuff. However, if I assemble and fix it I may have trouble with the brush. We’ll see what happens.

Right! This is the stuff that will get updates in the coming weeks (hopefully). I may have to adjust due to approaching deadlines of competitions but this is more or less the plan. Here’s a list of projects that are in some way or the other, WIP:

  • Possessed Marine Squad
  • Chaos Space Marine Squad
  • CSM Lord in Terminator Armor
  • CSM Bikers
  • Maulerfiend
  • Chaos Spawn
  • Nurglings
  • Space Hulk Set
  • CSM Obliterators
  • Tyranid Trygon
  • Mutalith Vortexbeast
  • CSM Warp Talons
  • Khorne Bloodletters
  • CSM Aspiring Champion
  • Random Encounter!
  • Deathstorm Set
  • Screamers of Tzeentch
  • Necron Lychguard
  • Spirit Hosts
  • Plaguebearers

Wow. I did not realize that I’ve created such a backlog of projects. It’s all good and fun when you hop from piece to piece but when they pile up they become real intimidating. Oh well, that gives me plenty of time to flick the brush… gotta get to work. Hopefully I’ll whittle down some of these over the weeks.


Lastly some other news on the hobby front. Oversoul, my primary contact for GW miniatures in the past seems to no longer hold distributor rights for the products and the main dealer is now determined as Pegasus in Istanbul. I wish both companies success in the coming days with the new organization.

In light of this, Oversoul has started a sale in the older GW mini stock, mainly older metal models and older versions of kits which received an overhaul in the past 1-2 years. To support his future endeavors my fellow hobbyists (Xasf and Rewendor) and I came together to buy out most of the stock he’s been holding. This definitely is contradictory with the new years resolution from last year in my case but we thought this is both a good deal for minis and a nice gesture towards a long-lasting customer/dealer partnership. So expect to see an increase in the mountain of models in the coming days!


  1. Wow Roemer! That is a huge list of projects! Looking forward to all of them. For the nurgle bases, I think you should go crazy and experiment. Just aim for a contrasting color to whatever tones you are thinking for the nurglings.


    1. Considering the neon-like green I got for the test minis, I’m thinking of deep browns. Then muck everything up with good old Nurgle’s Rot technical paint. Will post results when I have a showcase!


  2. That is an impressive amount of projects you have lined up there! It is always easier to start a new project that finish an old one…

    Your progress on the nurglings looks great (wonderful little chaps they are). The greens look really smooth, with some really nice transitions.

    Great work with assembling all of your space hulk models (and priming the genestealers). I really need to get around to doing that. Maybe your continued work on them will inspire me to pull mine out…

    Looks like you got a whole lot of new stuff from Oversoul! I love Brian Nelson’s old metal ork dread!


    1. A keen eye on you Adam! That is indeed the old Dread, I’m sure I’ll have fun with that now that my weathering powders have arrived as well! Started the hobby with Orks, might as well give them some respect!

      I think you need little in nudging towards your projects – look at the amount achieved in the last year! I stand with 2 showcases whereas I cannot count yours! Now all I need to do is to correct this course of action towards actually finishing models!


  3. And I thought I was bad! That’s quite the list there, so very best of luck with it, especially in light of the additions! Wonderful gesture though, always good to see. I’d forgotten you were doing Lychguard too – looking forward to seeing them progress!


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