WIP Update: Week 1 of April 2015

Since I spent the earlier Wednesday for the April Fool’s post (tell me you got it, come on), let me share the miniature work with you today. I do have some legitimate progress (although it’s not much) on a few models so hop in to see what’s been going on at the Workshop after the jump.


Very straightforward, wanted to start with these bad boys since I have the cover page stating the obvious. Finished smooth base coats and the washes on the metallic parts (messily that is) and will start 2-level highlights with brighter metallic colors. Next up should be the golds, then I’ll move on to the green glows… which leaves the white heads at the end. This is also my first time I tried batch painting – it works surprisingly well if you’re not doing something unorthodox like different sources of light on models or scenic display bases.

Death Company Dreadnought

Seeing that a lot of the non-primed models created a clutter in my display cases I decided to put them together as much as possible without hurting my chances at reaching the details with a brush. The rest of the sub-assemblies I decided to tack together – which saves a ton of space and eliminates the risk of losing bits, especially fiddly ones like the oath parchments. I tried the same with the Killa Kans to little positive effect as the unwieldy (by human standards of course, they’re orky alright) limbs would keep falling off and the tiny legs would buckle under the weight of the pieces. Pinning will be a must there.

Grey Knights Paladins/Terminators

OK, this is a new kit! But it is for a noble (haha) purpose – it’s meant as a birthday gift to Rewendor, our token GK player in the group. I started out with kitting out a sergeant in an intimidating and cool action pose, naturally with as many force blades as possible and so far I think it looks pretty good. I’m not really familiar with the fluff of GK aside from my previous experience with the Dreadknight so I can’t really tell if this is a Terminator or Paladin variant – just going for what looks cool and satisfying to the eye. Oh and yeah, I got this crazy idea of NMM all over the model, let’s see how that will work out. A shout-out to Deniz Uprak here who was kind enough to send me a plethora of display plinths – they work great as miniature holders at the moment! Base will be simple, just like the Dreadknight I painted before.


This week turned out to be a little difficult to work around minis and on Tuesday we had a gigantic blackout that hit the entire country for well over 8-10 hours. Those fortunate enough to have generators didn’t really have problems of course but it’s really embarrassing for a country that claims to be industrialized and developed to suffer such damaging occurrences. Let’s hope the downtime is temporary and we won’t be disturbed for the rest of the week – I really want to make some headway with my long overdue gifts.

Lastly, I want to share an idea with you folks which I think would work well both as a drive for me and in favor of the audience of this humble blog. This idea sparked from the exchange we had with Spalanz so another shout-out to him from me. Next time I publish a showcase mini I’ll be putting up a poll that will have 5 of my WIP projects as choices that will ask the readers to choose the mini they would like to see progressing and reaching showcase status – and based on the results I’ll work on the top two minis that get selected, write progress posts and have showcase Mondays. This way I’m hoping to slowly but steadily burn through the backlog that’s already in intimidating size.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish off a project by next Monday to kick this off, so wish me luck!


    1. Your Lychguard as you can see, are well underway… as for the Space Hulk models… well we’ll see how that goes let’s say.

      In either case, it would be a pleasure to work on them and report my progress of course – if they show up on the polls to begin with!


  1. Expect a lot of “enlarge your..” spams coming your way if you deliberately leave them out of the poll! I WILL NOT BE DENIED!



  2. Nice progress, and nice way of interacting with readers with the pool! Good to see painting hitting more roemer things!


    1. Thanks Greg! I’m trying to rehabilitate myself from the hobby butterfly syndrome – this should help me a little.

      As soon as I get something done (and I intend to make some headway into this this weekend) I’ll implement this feature.


  3. Always good to see your progress reports, and thanks very much for the shout-out! I’d just like to jump ahead slightly and vote for Lychguard now – very much looking forward to seeing how those chaps turn out, I have to say!


    1. Yes, the Lychguard seem to be quite popular indeed! The Necron units and the Nurglings are my priority at the moment so you can definitely find updates on them here regularly – let’s see what will be next.

      Liked by 1 person

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