WIP Update: Week 2 of April 2015 and Announcement

I’m certainly going slower than I’d like in the hobby department these days but I’m at least making steady progress in the outstanding projects. This week I have some work done on the Lychguard and batch painting all five models in the unit goes quite well. Check out what I’ve been up to after the jump.


So last time I left off these guys with the basecoat – wash combo. This weekend I had plenty of time to work on them however I underestimated the transparency of the highlight colors, in this case Chainmail for my first highlight. So the first attempts at coverage seemed OK during photography right after application but the dried out color was a real mess.

So I rewashed the mini (which worked to my favor as I intended to leave some dark metals in the recesses anyways) and applied Chainmail to the top portions of each piece to simulate zenithal highlights. It’s so difficult to shade with metallic acrylics! Now I see why lots of accomplished painters prefer the NMM method for metals and gold. Anyways, after 2 thin coats of Chainmail on the bodies, I was content with the result. Inevitably I spilled some highlight color to some recesses – a quick dab of Nuln Oil made sure that all lining on armor panels would look black as needed. Very good color to work with.

For golds I shied away from the Vallejo Liquid Gold series as the results wouldn’t make a huge difference to justify the preparation with isopropyl alcohol. So the usual suspects here – Balthasar Gold for base, washed with Agrax Earthshade and applied Shining Gold. Not in love with the end result I have to say (and for some reason the photos are garishly bright) so I think I’ll tone down the shiny bits with a little bit of red wash.

Now I need to edge highlight everything with Runefang Steel and the models should be set. Then I can move to the arm details as well as weapons and shields.

The month of April is a perilous one on the day job front so I’m finding very little time if at all for the hobby. Got some exhibitions and business that will make me work weekends as well. This sadly means that there’s no way I can finish the required amount of projects for Bananalicious – I’m hoping for the best for the second scale model competition I took part in last year. This will probably reflect upon the content of the posts in this corner as well, hoping for more and better content for next month.



  1. Your Lychguard look amazing – you shouldn’t be so critical of yourself! Much better than my efforts, take a look here: http://spalanz.com/2014/10/26/a-weekend-ramble/ and make yourself feel better!!

    As a bit of a tangent, I’ve started using Reikland Fleshshade to shade Balthasar Gold, and it seems to give a much richer colour when it’s finished. Just my opinion of course, and you can’t really see much on the Overlord here (just the crown really), but thought I’d mention it anyway! http://spalanz.com/2015/04/06/new-star-wars-comics/


    1. I think it should be YOU who shouldn’t be hard on yourself – the Lychguard look pretty intimidating! And I love the bases with the crystals! With better lighting I think you’d be able to display the true splendor of the units. Thanks for sharing this.

      Though I had absolutely no time for the hobby this week hopefully I’ll be able to spend some more time on it occasionally. Then I’ll get to experiment on the red shades – should look pretty good if I can pull it off.


  2. Roemer,
    I think adding some more layers to that gold would give you the desired effect. Golds real tricky because you’ve got to really build it up. Try a balathsar + shining + agrax + bit of shining + bright gold+ some edge with mitril or chain mail. Also make sure to NOT add water to the GW golds, the way their flake is distributed is almost instantly destroyed when thinned. That’s all I got for gold suggestions!


    1. Will definitely follow this Greg. And yes, water is surely a no-no for GW golds, you gotta use glaze medium (or Lahmian Medium) to have a good effect. Let’s see what happens when I use the shades first. The effect here is Balthasar > Agrax > Shining, it shouldn’t hurt to use additional washes and then again highlight back to Shining Gold, maybe a touch of Runefang Steel. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the GW edge highlight method either, we’ll see how it goes.

      I think later on on my Dark Vengeance models I’ll dabble with NMM gold, that should be a little more interesting to see.


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