Month: June 2015

Travelling in the Warp

It sure has been some time since this spot got an update on the hobby front. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to spare time for the miniatures at hand and it’s bugging me like hell. However not all is lost for I have spent some time on assembling yet another kit in preparation for my “overhaul” – and this is much needed as I have been feeling disoriented for quite a bit now. At my day job I get all kinds of excited about what kind of blends I will use on my miniature surfaces and what techniques I’ll try in painting but by the time I get back home I get the feeling of exhaustion and lose the will to paint! Quite a pity considering that I have put out a whopping two¬†showcase minis and created an immense backlog of projects to tackle.

But enough of the usual rant, here’s a little Shadowsword (!) I have put together in tack in preparation for primer much later.

Now that shows the might of the Imperium.

Now that shows the might of the Imperium.

So why the title you may ask… I’m using my second week of vacation the coming week and the Workshop will be closed once again! So until next time, be well and who knows – there may be a surprise in the next post!

Still Alive!

There’s been a long silence in this place, much longer than I liked in fact. Between work, extraordinary events and family tragedies I just couldn’t find the time to spend on the hobby – but it seems things are turning for the better. So in the little time I could scrape beginning this week I’ve put together a new model, readied for primer. Hop in to see what I’ve been up to.