The Latest from the Workshop

Another long silence has passed at the Workshop since the last update. Between a long religious holiday (a saving grace from work, even for a heathen like me), my birthday and a business trip with a somewhat unexpected outcome I have managed to make time for the miniatures at hand and added more to the pile of unfinished work! Hop in to see what I have to share for the past few weeks and a teaser for what is to come (mobile users, slightly heavy with images!).

During the final days of summer I have ventured out of the corner that had become my painting haven into the open to figure if it’s possible to have some miniature time with the family. It seems it is possible at least to assemble miniatures, less so for precision painting due to changing conditions of light. I guess now I can bring out the Project Box to wherever I move – especially when I fancy building a new kit. With this adventure I fully assembled the Khorne Bloodcrushers, ready for basing and priming.

Next up I had a pretty swell birthday weekend where the stars aligned and my actual birthday landed on a Saturday! Good times with friends, coworkers and family brought mostly clothing (comes with the age it seems), lots and lots of CAKE and more importantly, miniatures! I’m planning an unboxing for one of the minis I got, let’s hope I get it done.

I also had a visit to Belgium for mostly work (or so I first thought) where I got to visit Brussels and Bruges in a span of three days. What I expected to be another routine sales meeting turned into an actual summer event with an actual treasure hunt activity in Bruges. Though it puzzles me how an event in October especially in Europe can be designated as a “summer event” I had a tremendous time with co-workers on the hunt to best ridiculous challenges such as acting out the scene of a painting, pretending to be a survivor of the Apocalypse and reading out poems no less!

I can hear you asking “but what about the miniatures?”. Well apart from the Bloodcrushers I started carefully basecoating the Mhara Gal Dreadnought with the reds but since it’s not really exciting I do not have photos of the mini itself. So far I feel like there will be a challenge for the parts where armor fuses with the daemon possessing the Dreadnought, I’ll try to portray my struggle as best I can.

I will however leave this teaser for Friday – I started cleaning the miniatures in the two gift packs. Can you tell who will be first to be reviewed?

Hint: Some casualties are Iron Hands marines.

Hint: Some casualties are Iron Hands marines.

Until next time!



  1. Belgium looks amazing, I’m hoping to go there soon! Glad you had an awesome birthday sir, anyway! Looking forward to seeing what that base is all about – who doesn’t love a good scenic base, after all!

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