WIP Update: 04/11/2015

In the last few weeks before the baby is born I’m getting more time invested on the models at hand, with the Mhara Gal getting the most attention among the Horus Heresy Character Series kits. Last time I had left off the model covered in primer – it’s time the model gets some color! There’s also some updates on Fulgrim so without further ado, hop in to see my progress thus far.

Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought

I started basecoating the model with the main reds I want to use. Considering this is a possessed machine during the Heresy I went with the dried blood-red color scheme of the Word Bearers and used Khorne Red for the base coats. After being content with the results I moved on to the detailed part painting, starting from the head as this is a good exercise to prepare for the rest of the armor plates. If I make any mistakes it will be easy to conceal them as anything in the back will not be visible once fully assembled. To add I’m considering battle damage and some highlights for the red, however I’m afraid of messing the paint job by bringing this closer to pink. Need to thread carefully on this. Shaded the lower portions of the reds with mixes of Khorne Red and Abaddon Black.

The eye lens I decided to pick as green (Caliban Green up to Moot Green) for contrast and the mutated face an unnaturally aged bone color (Zandri Dust to Screaming Skull). Took me a good hour to put all paint to place, without the drying time. I also tried my hand at Ben Komets’ signature technique, the loaded brush, to disastrous effect – a terrible pink coloration ruined everything. I may try this later but for now I’ll spare you the grisly scene in the following photos!

Here are the close-ups of the final form. As said it’s still missing the highlights on the red… I may go for Wazdakka Red or Wild Rider Red for this, perhaps even Fire Dragon Bright in the extremes. Choices, choices…

2015-11-03 00-13-46

Probably one of my favorite parts of the model. What a nasty scar.

2015-11-03 00-13-19

Used the classic bone colors from the GW range. I used Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade diluted on my wet palette to further weaken the coloration and applied in layers. I’m happy with my blends.

Once this is done I’ll move to the arms and then the body, then it’s assembly time!


Working with this model is a delight and a real challenge at times. I added further details to the main body in order to get rid of smaller assemblies and bring the main body to its final form before primer. There are still some gaps to fill as well as bubbles to fix but that shouldn’t take much time. Thanks to the short instruction booklet I was able to attach all pteruges to the correct spots. The most challenging parts were the lappets that attach to the pteruges on Fulgrim’s armor. I used the precision scalpel VERY slowly to remove the bits from their flash “bed” on the larger sprue. Difficult to imagine but the pieces are easily bent when using tweezers to pick them up. So I softly pricked them with the tip of the blade and glued them in place. Luckily I didn’t break any of the pieces to begin with which leaves me with spares to use on further models or elsewhere. This concluded the main body as a sub-assembly save for Fulgrim’s side weapons, the throwing daggers and his Volkite Culverin. Some photos are blurry as it’s very difficult to photograph and deal with the tiny pieces and the cam just doesn’t focus! But I hope the following make sense.

When removing the lappets from the sprue I tried two methods: cutting away the sides of the piece to remove flash (think of getting your decals smaller) and surgically scraping the piece one corner at a time from the sprue. I recommend the second option as it’s easier to get the correct sized bit with a little patience. Obviously I recommend working from the bottom layer up to avoid having to shove pieces under other installed pieces!

I’m planning to have the primer session this weekend. I also noticed the slightest of bends upon multiple checks on the Laer Blade, so I may try to fix that as well.


On Sunday Nov. 1st we also had the latest parliamentary elections in Turkey and I was really tempted to sign my vote off to the “Nation Party” instead of my usual choice. Check out their symbol and see for yourself!

36-2015-11-01 10-37-02

I hope I didn’t commit some kind of heresy for not voting for these guys…

I’m planning to reveal the final Horus Heresy box I received as a birthday this Friday so if 30k is your poison you won’t wanna miss this weekend!

See you on the next post.


    1. Yeah, better late than never, right? I’m certain I’ll be able to spend time on minis but probably not as much. So it’s a good idea to make the most time there is before the inevitable!


  1. Those are some great looking models. The dreadnought especially is awesome. I am stealing that bone technique, by the way!
    Congrats on the impending birth, it’s an exciting time.


  2. Exciting times ahead for you! I’m sure you’ll have the odd moment post-arrival, of course…yeah…!

    Funnily enough, Fulgrim was one of the Primarchs I considered getting when looking at those guys, I’ve always enjoyed the Slaanesh colour scheme and whatnot. Since then, I’ve been considering Roboute Guilliman, which would be a nice addition to the Ultramarines I’ve been working on. Decisions, decisions!


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