From the Ashes…

Hello everyone!

It’s been almost a year since I made any substantial contribution to this space and considering my previous pace this is quite frustrating to me. Most of it is attributed to the fact that it’s difficult to spare lengthier sessions for quality painting and short term distractions like video games are a lot more attractive. Add to that the stress in work and I can pretty much sum up the reasons for the cobwebs. Checked my cabinets with models and boxes stacked on top of those. Lots of unfinished projects/messes, and a few replies to comments on the blog here and there… not for long.

Roemer’s Workshop will open again but will have a more reasonable schedule for posts now that I’m a daddy. My goal and early resolution is to have a balanced approach to the hobby and get as many projects completed as possible with a few reviews thrown in there for good measure. Not gonna promise a weekly posting regimen as that’s nigh impossible to achieve but I will not disappear for long periods like this. To kickstart this I’m starting with an unboxing/review post this Friday – anyone interested in Space Hulk keep an eye out.

For everyone watching this space however long and frequent – thank you for the visits and the encouragement. I’m looking forward to creating quality material once more.

See you soon!


      1. Thanks! Always a pleasure! I loved how the knights came out. They didn’t win any awards, but people were coming over and looking at them, asking questions the entire con! Super popular!


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