Necrons Awakening

Your favorite workshop is open once again after a week of silence. And what a week it was! Between business and sickness I got very little time to spend on the miniatures and deadlines came-a-knockin’. I picked up yet another kit, this time for a birthday and prepared it for primer over the weekend. Lastly I touched up the Spawn in preparation for the primer session but I guess I’ll have to retouch that as well. Check out my progress with the minis after the jump. (more…)

Tally the Men!

As the cover page suggests I’ve assembled yet another kit but this time I couldn’t make it to the priming session. I feel like I’m hitting the mark when spraying outside will be impossible due to winter conditions and I’ll be able to focus on painting stuff individually. But before that happens, I wanted to work on the kits that need some putty workĀ and get as many of them ready as possible. Check out the progress thus far and a tally of waiting models after the jump.