WIP: Mutalith Vortexbeast #1

Here we go, the first WIP entry in the Vortexbeast project. The spare time from the weekend and the past holiday proved to be very fruitful indeed: I have completely assembled the model I will put together, cleaned the spares from the sprues and even assembled alternate heads and pieces for the Slaughterbrute in case I opt for magnetizing the beast. Check out the progress on this kit after the jump.


Hobby Extravaganza

My hobby adventure took a drastic turn with some decisions I made in the couple of days since the last post. Since we’re heading into bad weather in Turkey (at last! Yes, I like winter) I’m planning on getting primer on as many projects as possible before we hit the times when spray priming will be out of the question. Thus I have once again dug into the boxes that need someĀ attention. I even completed a kit within a day! Find out my progress on the hobby front after the jump.