Showcase: CSM Heldrake, Black Legion Theme

And here we are. The project I’ve been working for so long is finally finished. I even managed to get it into the competition this past weekend! Check out my final WIP report on the kit and a large gallery of WIP and showcase pictures after the jump.


WIP: Heldrake #7

With only a few days left for the competition I had to hurry up to finish the Heldrake I’ve been working on for so long. So I started putting the base colors in various places and the golds that will dominate the model. I was pretty sure that I could finish the painting, basing and cleanup of the model within this weekend, but I was sorely mistaken. Find out why after the jump.


WIP: Heldrake #6

As the frequency of the posts suggest I’m having trouble finding adequate time to have some quality painting sessions for all the concurrent projects. However, I had to get stuff going as having too much of a hiatus is devastating on a hobbyist and would pretty much lead to inaction indefinitely. Check out what I’m working on after the jump.  (more…)

Workshop Update, Possessed Marine and Nurglings

This past weekend has been a fruitful one in terms of getting involved with the multitude of models I have, including the ongoing Heldrake and Possessed Marine kits. I started a new kit from my latest purchases and did some testing on the winged Possessed Marine. Find out more after the jump. (more…)

WIP : Heldrake Project and Possessed Update

It hasn’t been too exciting the few days in terms of hobby developments but I did manage to get a few things in order. As you can see the Heldrake parts are largely primed with Chaos Black spray. I’ll still have to go over them with a brush to make sure everything is covered fine. Find out what else I’ve been up to after the jump.