Warp Talons

Weekend Hobby Goodies

Over the past two days I managed to put together the last members of the Warp Talons,┬ámounted them on cork┬ácaps and they’re thus ready for primer. So time to wait for a comparatively nicer day, possibly the weekend, for a quick spraying session. I also took part in the first get-together-meetings those chaps at FigurinIstanbul organized. Check out some WIP shots of the bad boys and my Sunday pastime after the jump.


Strike from the Sky!

Back on track with the raiders from the Warp. I’m having a lot of fun with these guys, they’re such dynamic figures with quite a variety of bits to use. Not to mention the clean cast that came out of the box, I’m having hardly any difficulties with removing mould lines or fixing parts. I had my share of mould line crisis with the Bloodletters, but I digress. Find out what I’ve been up to over the weekend and what may yet be on the way after the jump.


A Flurry of WIPs

Another WIP post incoming! This time I’m tackling a variety of models from different ranges with mixed progress, so bear with me until we get to the good stuff! I finally had time to prime a few kits completely and making progress towards getting rid of boxes until winter hits for good. Check out my progress and new horizons after the jump!