The Honored

Before beginning with the new models I wanted to quickly wrap up what I have been up to before the start of this blog. I will upload the work-in-progress (WIP) and showcase photos to their respective tabs you can see above. So, let us start with the Honored Imperium set, the Space Marine Statue, handed to me by my dear buddy, Xasf.

Honoured Imperium Set, Space Marine Statue

Honoured Imperium Set, Space Marine Statue

I really like this model. The statue itself has a sort of severity to it, and the many cracks and damaged surfaces really lend themselves to improvisation for the hobbyist. Lots of large, angled surfaces makes this a blast to dry brush. The assembly was, like many large models, a bit problematic due to join lines clearly showing on large flat areas like the legs and the fur coat. A quick application of Revell’s Plasto and a gentle sanding of the surface helped cover most of these imperfections.

The model is primed black. For the bronze base color I went with Warplock Bronze, then applied Agrax Earthshade to the recesses before any aging effects. A quick dry brush of Balthazar Gold over the raised edges made the highlights on the model, which I think works well enough. The standard recipe on GW shows lots of different hues for blends and chippings, but since I wanted to manually age this I skipped on the extra work because I think all the detail would be diminished by the washes to come. The base under the statue was painted Revell Granitgrau, followed by a soft dry brush of Dawnstone and Ulthuan Grey. For the skull I used Ushabti Bone with a Nuln Oil wash.

I went with an aged look to the model through some verdigris/patina effects, but didn’t want to age it so much like the one on Games Workshop. Mixing a few bluish greens and diluting it a lot, then applying the paint to the recesses manually worked almost as well as the new technical paint, Nihilakh Oxide. Don’t get me wrong, the new technical paint range is very good on its own, but keeping a bit of imagination is always a bonus.

Looking back at the model I think I could fix the following issues (plan for the next piece of scenery):

  • Using files to manually sand strands of fur. Right now it looks like as if a dozer roughly went over the shoulders.
  • Layering the cloak. Not sure if this is very effective with metallic paints, but I should try.
  • Paint the model in sub-assemblies. I always get zealous and assemble the model to see how it looks but I discovered (!) blue-tack for dry fits.
  • Getting a large brush with harder bristles for dry brush. The one I have is synthetic with soft bristles, so I got some brush marks here and there that I want to avoid.

So there you have it. The model doesn’t need rocket science in assembly or painting, and adds a lot of character to any scenery it used with. Recommended to anyone who would want to experiment with verdigris or simply want to add an awesome giant icon of the Imperium to their collection.